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* Teac 2-A Mixer + MB-20 meterbridge *


This is a 6 input / 4 output mixer designed

for true multi-channel recording.

Each channel has seperate input selectors, tone control,

channel assign selectors with pan, and input faders.

There is also a MASTER output fader control.

  • Input selector switch for mic/line or mic att,

    which activates a 20dB attenuator pad located,

    before the mic preamp stage.

  • Channel assignments buttons color coded

    for the 4 different output busses.

    Any signal from a input channel can be assigned

    to any, or all of the output channels.

    When more than one channel is assigned,

    Pan control is engaged = the ability to move the sound

    from extreme left or right

    in the sound spectrum or anywhere between.

  • Tone-controls:

    Variable treble control +/-12dB.

    Variable bass control +/-12dB.

  • Crosstalk: Greater then 50dB.

  • Overall distortion(input to output)=

    0.1% THD maximum at nominal -10dB output.

  • Fader attenuation: Greater then 60dB.

  • Mic impedance:150~10K.
  • Input impedance:50K or higher.
  • Input level: -10dB (0.3V)
  • Line output/Aux.Output:

    Load impedance:10K or higher unbalanced.

    Output level: -10dB (0.3volt)

  • Signal to noise ratio:

    One input= greater than 62dB,WTD.

    6 inputs = greater than 55dB,WTD.

  • Frequency response: 30Hz~20KHz,+/-2dB.

  • Cue output:

    Load impedance: Greater than 50K.

    Level: -20dB (0.1V) with nominal input.

  • Buss input:

    Input impedance: 15K.

    Nominal level: -10dB(0.3V)

  • Accessory Send/Receive:

    Send load impedance:Greater than 10K.

    Nominal send level: -10dB(0.3V)

    Receive impedance: 15K.

    Nominal receive level: -10dB(0.3V)

  • (6)MIC IN = 1/4 Phone plug.
  • (6)LINE IN = RCA. Normally you would patch the output

    of your reel to reel here (line 1-4)

    and the master recorder to (line 5-6),

    but you have more options because the meterbridge.

  • (4)LINE OUT = RCA.

    ACCESSORY Send/Receive = a patch point for

    additional signal processing like different external

    EQ unit, Echo,Reverb, Noise reduction etc.

    (4) Access with jumpers included.

  • (4)AUX OUT = Additional line output in paralell

    with the main line output.

  • LINE OUT = (4)Program buss out.

  • (4)CUE OUT = A foldback after the the mic preamp stage

    unaffected by the input fader.

  • Power Requirements: 117V A.C, 60hz, 5W
  • Weight: 13.2 lbs (mixer with no meterbridge attached)
  • Size:

    13-1/2 deep. 13-3/8 Wide. 4 Tall.

  • Made 1976.

    * MB-20 Meterbridge *

    This bridge is very simple to use and works great with the 2A mixer.

    It has 4 VU-meters calibrated to trigger at 10 VU.

    Built in headphone amplifier + volume control.

    1/4 inch headphone jack located on the back.

  • Monitor Select:

    Controls the 4x2 monitor mixer and buss/tape monitor selections.

  • The color coded BUSS/TAPE selectors for each

    channel (1-4)let you determine the signal to be fed into the monitor mixer.

    You can hear the signal from either

    the tape-recorder -DOWN- or the outputs of the

    A-2 in -UP- position.

  • Backpanel has (4) Input and (4) Output RCA.

  • (2) Input sensitive selectors.
  • (4) Foldback RCA
  • Ground connection.
  • (4) Tape Input RCA.
  • L + R Monitor out, RCA.
  • Switched power inlet 117VAC. 60hz, Max 300W.

    For connecting the 2-A mixer or other external accessories.

    Accessories for sale:

    Operation and Service manuals for both Teac 2-A & MB-20