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* Spec's & Photos *


The 44 is an exceptionally versatile high-performance 4-track,

4-channel multi-track recorder that uses 1/4 wide tape.

  • The head configuration consists of an erase head and

    two record/reproduce heads, one for recording and

    sync playback, and the other for playback only.

  • Designed for demanding production applications,

    including lock-up to SMPTE* controller/Synchronizers,

    the 44 transport is built on a heavy duty chassie,

    that ensure stable tape motion and stable alignment,

    despite the long hours of use on high speed,

    start-stop shuttling that are part of editing.

  • Tape motion is fast and smooth,and accurate thanks to

    the built in micro-processor which commands two

    direct drive reel motors under full tension servo-control and

    a single PLL-servo capstan motor.

  • The tachometer roller measures the linear tape footage,

    although the readout is converted to elapsed time

    from whatever zero point is entered.

  • As the tape moves, it turns the roller shaft causing

    a radially marked disk on the roller shaft

    to interrupt a photo sensor, which drives the

    digital counter circuitry.

  • A thin rubber coating on the tachroller avoids tape slippage,

    and also protects the surface of the tape.

  • Access to the heads for cleaning or editing is

    provided by a flip-up head access cover,

    and a flipdown mirror head shield.

  • The record/sync head and repro head are inter-changeable,

    and adjustable for easy installation or removal.

    While either head is thus capable of recording, only the

    record/sync head is used for that purpose.

    However either head will provide the same high-quality

    reproduction for playback.

  • A solenoid actuated tape lifter pushes the tape away from

    the heads during any of the winding modes.

    This prevents unnecessary wear on the heads and tape,

    and avoids the disturbing loud, high frequency sound

    that could otherwise destroy your speakers.

  • Fast Wind time: 120 seconds for 10-1/2 reel,2400 feet.

  • Spooling Wind time: 370 seconds for 10-1/2 reel.

  • Start time: Less than 0,8 seconds to reach standard Wow and Flutter.

  • Capstan motor: PLL(Phase Lock-Loop),DC-Direct Drive.

  • Dimensions: 17 Wide, 19 7/8 Tall, 12-7/16 Deep.

  • Weight: 74-15/16 lbs.

  • Frequency response:

    Record/Reproduce: 15 ips: 40hz-20khz,+-3 db at 0 VU.

    40hz-22khz,+-2db at -10 VU.

  • 7-1/2 ips: 40hz-16khz,+-2db at 0 VU.

    40 hz-20khz,+-2db at -10 VU

  • Sync/Reproduce: 15 ips: 40hz-22khz,+-2db

    7-1/2 ips:40hz-20khz,+-2db

  • Total Harmonic Distortion:

    0,8% at 0 VU,1000hz,250 nWb/m.

  • 3% at 13db above 0 VU,1000hz,1,120 nWb/m.

  • Signal to noise ratio:

    Reference 3% THD at 1 khz: 15 ips, 69 dbA weighted(NAB),

    62 db unweighted (0-100khz).

  • 7-1/2 ips: 67db A weighted(NAB),

    60db unweighted (0-100khz).

    107 db A unweighted with DBX.(extra option not included)

  • Bias frequency: 150 khz.

  • Headroom Recording amplifier:

    Better than 28 db above 0 VU at 1000hz.

  • Line Inputs and Outputs:

    XLR type connectors & RCA jacks.

    (4) XLR for microphone and (8) for line in/out.

  • Remote control unit: Multi-pin type connector(RC-71).

  • DBX unit= Multi-pin type connector = (Tascam DX-4D)

  • Punch in/out remote connection:

    Phonejack 1/4 inch(RC-30P).

    An accessory remote pedal that will allow you to

    start recording with a foot switch.

    This is extremely useful to the musician who have

    both hands on his instrument at the exact moment of the punch in.

  • The foot switch will not start the transport,

    you must do that, but it will start and stop recording.

  • Another look at the Sync functions using this deck:

    Since the sync mode allows recording of new signals

    with previously recorded tracks, it serves

    to perform overdubbing as well normal recording.

    When the machine is in sync mode, you can monitor

    the earlier recorded tracks via playback trough

    the record/sync head while, at the same time,

    your new part is being added on another track (or tracks)

    of the same head.

  • First model of Tascam 44 that's very similar to Teac 40-4.

    If you looking for a mixer to combine the Tascam with,

    I suggest a Teac 2-A with MB-20 meterbridge.

    Spec's and Photos.

  • Pictures © Vintage TX