* Tascam 42 NB *

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* Tascam 42 NB Spec's *


The 42 is a 2-track master producer

with a variety of different functions and features.

You have digital fluorescent counter with hours, minutes and seconds.

Built in auto-locate function to memorize,

a specific point on the tape.

Built in splicing block for easy tape-editing.

Mounted on a rigid chassie are the main transport components.

Tape tension is controlled by full servo reel system.

All modes of operation, including fast forward, rewind

and spooling are commanded by specially programmed

micro-processor controller.

The PLL (phase-lock loop) servo capstan-motor ensures,

precise tape speed.

  • Reel size: 5,7 or 10-1/2 with hub-adaptors. Tape speed: 7 1/2 and 15. Speed accuracy: +-0,2% deviation Pitch Control: +-12% Fast wind time: 120 seconds for 10 inch reel,2400 feet. Spooling wind time:400 seconds for 10 inch reel,2400 feet. Tape drive system: Direct drive 3 motors.

    3 heads: erase/record/reproduce. Tape Cue: Manual and automatic (RTZ and STC) Motion sensing: 0,5 sec.+-0,15 sec delay time

    for next motion, tension servo system.

  • Mounting: Standard 19 inch rack. Remote control: Basic transport function.

    (Extra option: RC-71)

    plus 10-point location (extra option AQ-65)

    Dimensions: 17 Wide. 19-7/8 Tall. 10-3/4 Deep. Weight: 71 lbs.

    2 microphone Inputs: XLR connection. Output: L+R XLR or RCA. Connection for DBX unit (Tascam DX-2D) extra option. Punch In/Out Remote connector.

    Headphonejack facepanel: Output 100 milliwatts into

    8 ohm stereo headphones.

    Adjustable volume Bias Frequency: 150khz. Frequency response: Record /Reproduce: 15 ips: 30 hz-22khz,

    +-2db at 0 VU.

    30hz-24khz,+-2db at-10 VU.

    7 1/2 ips: 30 hz-16khz,

    +-2db at 0 VU.

    30 hz-20khz,+-db at-10 VU.

    Sync/reproduce: 15 ips > 30 hz-22khz,+-2db.

    7-1/2 ips: 30hz-18khz,+-2db.

    Reel switch: When large reels (10inch) are used,

    greater motor torque is required at start.

    This switch (Small or Large) sets the proper tape tension

    and motor torque for the hub size of the reels being used.

    Output select switches:

    Input: Selects the input to the track.

    Sync: Selects the record/sync head signal for synchronous

    reproduction or the input signal,

    depending on the setting of the track's function

    switch (CH1 and/or CH2).

    This setting is the one most often used during production.

    Repro: Selects signal from the repro head.

    Used during alignment,and can be used for mixdown.

    Edit Pushbutton:

    The EDIT button has no effect unless pressed when

    the machine is in stop mode.

    The EDIT LED turns on to indicate the unit is on edit mode.

    If EDIT is pressed when tape is stopped,

    the reel motor brakes are disengaged, and a small proportinal

    amount of backtension is held by each reel motor

    so that the reels may be moved by hand for editing purposes,

    yet slack will be eliminated.

    If EDIT and PLAY are pressed at the same time,

    the transport enters dump edit mode.

    The capstan and pinchroller pull tape past the heads

    at the set speed (15 or 7-1/2) or at the adjusted PITCH control,

    allowing you to listen to playback for a particular edit point.

    However the take-up reel does not turn,

    allowing the tape to spill off the machine until the edit

    point is reached (the takeup tensionarm is ignored,

    by the shut-off sensing logic. Upon reaching the desired point, pressing the STOP button

    stops the tape and cancel the edit mode.

    EDIT LED: This indicate when the deck is in Edit mode.

    REW: Pressing this button selects the rewind mode,

    which maybe entered from any other mode.

    Pressing it a second time after the machine is placed in rewind mode

    causes the tape to slow down to a spooling mode.

    Spooling is used for a rapid yet extremely uniform,

    tight tape pack.

    The third pressing of this button, return the machine to rewind mode.

    The tape speeds for rewind are: 240 ips and for spooling 80 ips.

    Spooling LED (green): When Rew or Forward is pressed

    twice this LED comes on.

    CUE pushbutton: This make the 42 remember the precise

    of the tape counter at the moment CUE is pressed,

    and will return to the exact point when STC is pressed.

    Until a "cue" is entered the machine will assume a 00.00 cue point.

    Whatever cue point had been memorized remains valid until a new cue

    is established by again pressing the CUE button.

    RTZ button: Pressing this activates the return-to zero function

    which causes the transport to fast rewind to 00.00 on the tape counter.

    Belive me, it is very accurate..

    Digital Counter Display: The counter displays the used time

    of the tape, as wound from the initial "00.00" point.

    The counter measures linear tape footage, then computes

    the used time based on the tape speed (15 or 7-1/2)

    Even if the tape is rewinded on high speed to a cue point,

    the counter will indicate the correct running time.

    The maximum time displayed is 99 minutes,

    59 seconds in either direction.

    Ceramic Capstan shaft: For magnetizization-free,

    extended service life the capstan shaft is coated

    with ceramic. Very easy to clean.

    Optional Equipment:

  • Remote control: RC-71

  • Punch in/out remote: RC-30P

  • Rack-Ears: RM-501 (included)

  • Dbx noise reduction: DX-2D.

  • Low Mic impedance adaptor: LA-40.

  • Console Rack: CS-607B

  • Test tone oscillator: TO-122A

  • Head demagnetizer: E-3.

  • Bulk Eraser: E-2A.

    Accessories for sale:

    Operation manual, Service manual and many used parts in stock from parts decks.