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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

I decided to keep these for earlier buyers and new visitors that maybe is looking for a certain model.

Please all of these decks are sold and not available anymore.

Buyer: Bill R. Maine.

Buyer: Jerry F. Houston, Texas.

Buyer: Gregory R. New Hampshire.

Bob's Sony TC-366 Quad and Tascam 44 OB.

(2) Tascam 42 NB.

Buyer: Ronald S. Colorado.

Teac A-6300.

Buyer: Teuro K. City Zama. Japan.

Sony TC-399.

Buyer: John B. California.

Akai 1710 W.

Buyer: Robert H. New York.

Tascam 22-2.

Buyer: Wulf K. Panama.

Pioneer RT-1020

Teac A-4010S

Sony TC-560

Akai GX-4000D

Akai 4000DS

Teac X-1000R

Otari MX-5050 BII

Akai GX-630D

Akai GX-4000D

Akai X-201D

Akai GX-4000D

Sony TC-366

Pioneer RT-701

Sony TC-378

Tascam 22-2

Tascam 44OB

Tascam 44OB

Teac X-300

Tascam 42NB

Teac X-1000R

Tascam 44OB

Teac X-3 MKII

Pictures © Vintage TX