Sony TC-366

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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

* Solid State *


A classic model from Sony.

TC-366 is a 4-track, 2-channel stereo / mono.

Special features are:

  • Noise supressor to cut off high frequency noise.
  • Tape-tension regulator to reduce flutter and wow.
  • Automatic shut-off mechanism.
  • Tape selector for Low noise or High Output.
  • Slanted cabinet designed for convenience of,

    operating in either horizontal or vertical use.

  • 7-1/2 and 3-3/4 are ideal for recording music when best sound quality is desired.

  • 1-7/8 is ideal for speech especially when longer recording time is needed.

  • Built in Noise Suppressor allows full pass-band

    for the major part of the audio frequency range,

    as it does not affect response frequencies below 9kHz.

  • Mixing can be made by using the mic inputs and the RCA inputs simultaneously.

  • Sound on Sound function composing a mixed recording on one track tape,

    and a new external signal through one of the microphone input.

  • This option on 366 can create a one person record a duet, trio or other special effects.

  • The later TC-377 had slight cosmetics changes from 366, more of those details in

    the next section coming soon.

  • * Controls and Connectors *

    * What's inside *

    One single motor operation with 4 belts for different purposes.

    Linkage between all functions can be a challenge to adjust right for a beginner,

    many time the play-lever don't lock properly or fforward/rewind function is slow.

    I disassemble the whole upper section and start from scratch,

    as most of these need a severe restoration.

  • New idler-rubber,brakes + linkage cleaned and adjusted.

    New idler-wheel and help-belt installed.

    Assembly again for final adjustment of brakes,tape-tension,speed,

    pinch-roller pressure and head-adjustment if needed.

  • A video of TC-366 during test-run after assembly.

    Accessories for sale:
  • Stereo Microphone mixer MX-6S.

    Provides professional mixing for 3 microphones

    (600 ohm input impedance) or

    high level (approx 100k ohm) sources,

    such as tape recorders.

    It may be connected in stereo or mono.

    note:original box and fully functional.

    Price: $85.00

  • Connector cable RC-2.

    New 5pin DIN Plug on both ends for play/record.

    Price: $ 15.00

  • Service Manual, hard-copy or CD-ROM(pdf-file) Price: $30.00

  • Owners Manual, hard-copy or CD-ROM (pdf-file) Price:$20.00
  • Many used parts in stock, knobs,faceplate,head-cover,reel-tables,transformer,

    linkage, heads, head-assembly board,tension-regulator,pinch-roller,

    toggle-switches,bias OSC board, power-supply board,

    rec-amp circuit board,playback circuit board.

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