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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

Updated Sep 09,2014. Many new parts coming up soon with pictures and prices.


  • My inventory change all the time on used tapes, please contact me for what's in stock right now.

    Otari MX-50 parts.

  • Faceplate for following models:
  • Akai GX-220 D
  • Akai GX-230 D
  • Akai GX-4000 D.
  • Akai GX-255 D.

  • Dustcover for Sony TC-353.D. Excellent condition. Price:$50.00

  • Dustcover (smoke) Sony TC-366 or 377, light scratches. Price:$50.00

  • 7-inch used plastic empty reel. (clear, black or grey) Price: $ 3.50 each

  • Sony TC-355 Faceplate, knobs, capstanmotor,headstack, cabinet, Pc-boards, Reel-tables, Transformer, Knobs, VU meter, Linkages, Transportcontrol.

  • Sony TC-388 Quad. Parts deck (2) Capstan motors, Pinch-rollers, Transformer, knobs, Vu meters, Cabinet, Faceplate lower part.Pc-boards.

  • SONY TC-630 and 630-D. Faceplate Upper and Lower part. Price: $75.00.(3 pairs in stock)

  • DIN cord (5 pin) both ends for connection between reel to reel or amplifier. 6-feet long.Brand new $ 15.00

  • Sony capstan motor for TC-630 or 630D used but fully functional. Modelnr: 624 H1.100v 50/60hz. 2,0/1,5 ut. Price: $ 80.00

  • AKAI Capstanmotor used but working. Modelnr: HC 24D. 1500-3000 rpm. 2 speed.$ 75.00

  • Cabinet for Sony TC 630 stereo center black vinyl Price: $50.00

  • Akai 4000 DS. Several parts decks in stock. Faceplate, transformer, pinchroller, knobs, capstan motor, cabinet, idlerwheels, flywheel, pc-boards, springs,VU-meters.

  • Akai X-150 Almost complete parts deck. Ask for any certain part.

  • Akai X-200 Almost complete parts deck. Ask for any certain part.

  • Sony TC-580 L+R Reel-motor.
  • Partsnr # UC/624 K. 60 V 50/60 hz.4 uf.
  • (1)Capstan motor # UC/214 G.50 volts, 50/60 hz,4 uf.
  • (1)Transformer # 1/441/759/11.
  • (1)Solenoid # 1/454/074/12
  • Many knobs etc.

  • Otari MX 5050 Left reel motor used in working condition. Price: $65.00

  • Otari MX 5050 Headcover (black) with splicingblock. Good condition, hinges not broken. Price: $40.00

  • Pioneer RT-707 Partsdeck with 3 working motors, cabinet, pc board, servo-control board, VU-meters, transformer, knobs. (note: Reel-tables are sold)

  • Pioneer RT-1020 Almost complete parts deck. (no reel-tables)

  • Akai GX 255 parts. Nice facepanel and side panels. switches, L+R reelmotor.

  • Akai GX 4000 D. Several decks parted out. Capstan motor, pc board, switches, knobs, wood-panels for cabinet, pinch-roller, top-panel (metal), VU meters, facepanel, linkage, idler-wheels.

  • Sony TC 630 and Sony TC 630 D. Several decks parted out. Knobs, faceplate, pc boards, amp-section, transformer, capstanmotor, headstack, idlerwheels, reeltables, linkage.

  • Sony TC 250 A. Cabinet, faceplate, knobs, transformer, headstack, capstanmotor.

  • Teac A-1200. Nice faceplate, cabinet, knobs, capstanmotor, L+R reel-motor, capacitors, transformer, headstack, VU meter, transport controls, Pc-boards.

  • Teac A-2300. Transformer, capstan motor, pc boards, faceplate, knobs, heads, tensionarms, reel-motors ,transportcontrols, VU meters.

  • Sony TC-366. Several decks parted out. Knobs, idler-wheels, capstanmotor, headstack, facepanel, VU-meters, transformer, pc-board,reel-tables.

  • Sony TC-399 Complete Headstack, capstanmotor, reeltable, transformer, knobs, VU-meters, flywheel, PC-boards, transportcontrols.

  • Tascam 22-2 Several decks parted out. Facepanel, head stacks, solenoids, brakes, pc-boards, knobs, VU-meters, cabinet, RCA connections, transformer,reel-table, reel-motors, servo-board, fly-wheel, brake solenoid, linkage, counter.

  • Many used parts from these models also in stock: Sony TC-350.Sony TC-353 D.Sony TC-355. Sony TC-650. Akai GX 230.D. Akai M-6. Akai M-10. Akai GX-220D. Akai GX-270 D.SS. Akai X-1800SD. Akai 1710W. Akai GX-215 D. Teac A-1200. Teac 2300S. Teac A-2340. Teac A-4010. Teac A-6300. Tascam 32. Teac X-3 MK II. Akai GX-266 D. Akai M-9. Tascam 42 NB. Tascam 44OB. Tascam 32-2B. Teac X-1000R.

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