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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

I want to Thank everyone for these messages and given me the opportunity to do business with you.

Hello Rolf

I recevied the Pioneer RT-707 deck today. It was well packed and placed in a awesome box for shipment. This is a beautiful looking and great sounding deck.

As I write this, I'm listening to a tape recorded on a Sony TC-377 deck in the mid 70's.

I have placed the deck in my home-office with my other vintage Pioneer audio equipment. It is playing quite well, with no adjustment necessary in the pitch control.

Again, thanks for your great restoration, thanks for the care in packaging and thanks for the great photographs which were an important selling point when making a purchase of vintage electronics sight unseen.

I received the package of the manual and reels today, in fine condition, as I have come to expect from you.

This has been a most rewarding trouble-free internet shopping experince.

I am also the Purchasing Agent and Shipping Manager for a Civil Engineering firm, so I deal with these issues a lot.

Warm regards



Hello Rolf

Dear Blackie arrived safe and sound, and boy am I glad I took off work today to be here for her.

I live in an area Rolf, in which UPS is not required to get signatures, something about being too rural. I don't know.

Anyhow, the UPS generally just leaves the parcel on the stoop. Weather was predicting an all day downpour, and sure enough this time they had it right. I kept watching for the UPS guy and didn't see him, but I checked outside every half hour.

Somewhere I missed his truck and I found the box sitting on the stoop getting pretty wet!

Not to worry though. Blackie was snug and cozy in your marvelous packing. I have her all warmed up and dubbing a Mahler 2 into her computer mate right now. Boy does she sing pretty!!!

And she sure is a beauty as well. Thanks again Rolf for mentioning to me that you had this unit.

I promise you she will be very, very happy here.

Best, Tom

Tom in Maryland. Buyer "blackie" Akai GX-4000 D.


Yesterday I received the Teac 2A mixer,Meterbridge, manuals and brochure.

Everything arrived safely due to the excellent packing that you did.

I won't have time to try them out until this weekend, but will let you know how I like them or if I have any questions.

I have been reading through the Tascam 22-4 manual and finding it really helpful.

The Tascam arrived last week.

The packing was really superb as well.

A friend of mine was here when I unpacked it, and he commented that he has never seen anything so well packed.

The Tascam 22-4 is everything that you said it was.

It is a huge improvement over my Akai.

So far I have made several recordings from LP and CD to check it out and get familiar with it.

The dynamic range and resolution is really amazing on this machine.

I'm really anxious to see what it can do with recording live choral, vocal and instrumental music, but won't be able to try that out until later in the year.

Thanks again for all of the time that you took in answering my questions to make sure that I made the right choices.

Thanks also for your assistance for helping to resolve problems with my old Akai deck.


Ken K. New Jersey.

Photo Tascam 22-4

Buyer Tascam 22-4.

Hey, Rolf

Sorry for the long delay, got it thursday afternoon,

you really did one heck of a packing job.


I think it may have been built in '92.

Anyway, I got my mics and a mic-pre and did one test recording drums,

guit, and vox.

Sounds great, I love it. I even did a sloppy job micing.

Can't get a bad sound if I wanted to.

Sorry gotta go, thanks man Peter

Photo Tascam 22-4

Buyer Tascam 22-2.


You'll love this: We had rehearsal on Saturday. When I set up the Tascam,

the group went into stitches about the ancient technology.

The gal singer, when asked if she's ever seen one of those,

replied..."Only in the movies..."

They had a great time, and with many smiles

one of them hit the Pause button when it was needed.

BUT, when I played it back, they couldn't believe the quality

and the sensitivity. We had been recording on

a CD recorder, but somehow we had to run a high volume,

and run everything through the amplifier

and still much percussion failed to come through.

NOW, it's all there!!!!! The Tascam is now accepted as part of the family!

Wulf in Panama.

Buyer Teac X-3.

Rolf, The tape deck is wonderful. I played some old Wes Montgomery,

some old Nina Simone tapes, and I recorded

from the phonograph, I recorded from an FM station,

and I recorded from a CD, and I recorded

from my cassette player and everything was really great.

I need your help on only item, you talked to me

about it in front of the music store but I forgot what you said.

Please chose some good words and explain the two(four) Eq.

and Bias and EE and I,II switches.

Everything else is super.

I am really in love with the sound and

performance of this TEAC.

Thanks so much for the time and delivery and recommendation.

Regards,Tommy in Houston.


Buyer Akai reel + Akai GX-265 Owners manual.


Received the shipment yesterday. The packing was so well done, it broke my heart to open it up.

The condition of the reel is EXACTLY as you stated.

The Manual was crisp and nicely bound. It is a pleasure doing business with professional's who stand behind what they sell.

Especially when transacting business over the Internet.

In my books you are 2Real-4Reel2Reel.

Sincere Thanks,

Lee V

Austin, TX

Good Afternoon Rolf,

The deck arrived on Friday as scheduled and in perfect shape.

You do one hell of a good job packing up the merchandise.

The deck is beautiful and operates like it has never been used.

The tape you made is fantastic with some very good tunes on it !

Rolf, you sell beautiful vintage products

and seem to put alot of effort in building these decks.

I will recommend you to anyone I ever encounter

who is looking for a vintage reel deck.

Thanks again

Gene H. Maryland

Buyer Pioneer RT-1020 L.



Wow,the TC-377 is a beauty !

When you said it was mint you were not exaggerating one bit.

I finally got a chance to unpack it and plug it in this weekend. Great job on the packing too. I put up a tape that I recorded in '76, and everything seemed to work well.

Thanks for a great job!


Don Ross

(Buyer "Mary Lou")

Hi Rolf,

Thanks to your good handling and super packing she made the trip in fine shape.

About 1 oclock today a big truck wipped into our driveway

and Honey-poo and I screamed, She's here !

I had my refrig dolly already on the front-poarch awaiting the big moment.

What can I say buddie ?

You did a superjob and are to be congradulated highly and given the congressional medal of shipping,the CMS that's what.

Horay hip hip horay, Nifty noodle I'd say !

Well about an hour later we had a room full of

white peanuts, mile of bubble packing plastic stuff

and there behold was two big pasted on big red X's to which

Honey-poo said that was to tell me which end was up.

I was very impressed, and after grunting and groaing out of the shipping cointainer

I hoisted my prize up on the dining room tabel, where it sets at this moment.

needless to say I scurried around looking for an amplifier so I could listen to a tape.

Went thru 3 of them, all faulty, old and decrepid like me I guess.

I finally hooked it up to the living room system where I have good speakers.

Armed with a headset and a tape I went away for a couple of hours listening to one of our Tuesday night sessions.

On a big reel, the locks were fine and dandy.

Out of sight listening to their fun and laughter between the blasting musical sound.

Very enjoyable.

There were several people on the tape as I said before that have now gone to be with the Lord.

I am sure they are having a blast with King David playing Scripture songs.

Here I go rambling along like a blabbermouth,

but thanks again for your kind and outstanding assistance bringing

"Mary Lou" home.

She already loves it here and hasn't even seen the studio yet.

I got a lot of work to do, but I'll take some pictures to send so you can assure the fine lady

in Montana, the recorded is HOME to stay and she will be well

attended to and richly enjoyed.

Can't wait to get it all installed and inner connected.

All the best,

Mr Jim sends a big smile.

(Jim P. Florida)

Photo Teac "Mary Lou"


The package got here today !! Yeah!

Thank you sooo much, the manual and reels are fantastic.

I really appreciate the matching #M/Scotch clear reels and the binding on the manual is awesome.

Now I can get my Akai 1710 up and going.

In fact I found a 5' reel with some "mystery tape" on it that I can listen to now with the takeup reels.

If I need anything els. I'll go to your website or email, OK?

You are a credit to the R2R community, indeed !

Best regards

Bryce Stammerjohan


What a great job you did! Received the Sony this afternoon (Friday) and immediately pressed it into service!

As I write, am listening to a clean, clear tape of Ramsey Lewis. It never sounded sweeter.

Also I noticed, that you fixed the counter! I very much appreciate that!

So by way of punishment for your good deed, I am sending you a second Sony (TC-255) to examine. I got it from a neighbor in a informal swap. I played it for about a half an hour when it died. It seemed to have excellent tone qualities.

Give it your fine grained inspection, then let me know if it is worth repairing. I will trust your judgement in the matter.

Again my hat is off to you for the wonderful job you did.

Thanks again

Dr. Greene

(Next repair Sony TC-255)

Many, many thanks for a superb bit of workmanship.

The Sony TC-255 arrived well packaged and in good condition.

It took a day or so to get my other gear ready for a test drive. Finally got it hooked up and WOW! Does it sound good!

Have not tested the recording end of it, but doubt that it was ever used much for that purpose.

I will say that I admire the workmanship you display in your craft. My hat is off to you!

Thanks again!

I will take a look at the machine out in the storage and get particulars on it. It may or may not be one that is worth fixing.

Best regards

Dr. Greene, of Lake Oswego, Oregon.


(Sony TC-377 Repair)

Hi Rolf,

Thanks for the great news and finding the problem with the switches !!

I thought I may have an electronics problem and did not want to tamper.

I try to treat the Sony as my first born. The only other minor problem I have had is with the analog meter that indicates the position of the tape. This is not a priority but if this something easy for you to look at, then go ahead. Otherwise, the unit has been pretty flawless!!

I am glad you appreciated the packaging job! I mentioned to my wife that this will take Rolf more time to un-pack than it will to repair! Ha...

Hey, when you are ready to send it back, of course I will pay you for your time and effort as well for the shipping costs.

I had the Sony insured also for $ 500.00 to be on the safe side.

Again, I do like your website and I am impressed with all the decks you offer. Strange, with all the new items on the market, I still like the reel-to-reel the best!!

Thank you again!!

Walter Ficzko

(Hank Wilson)

Hi Rolf,

Got the Sony today. Nice machine! Working great. Oh yes, the sound is better on the Sony compared to the Akai.

This Sony is pretty neat, I looked over the schematic, this is an all solid state machine if i'm reading the schematic correctly, didn't see any tubes in the circuit. Runs very cool and quiet also.I use an Ibanez guitar amp for playback audio, you can imagine the sound !

OK, Rolf great choice for me, i'll be in touch in the future for more machines--they don't make them like this anymore, I plan to have a room full of open reel machines.

Thanks from Hank.


(Buyer Akai GX-4000 D)


I just opened that tape you sent and saw the tracklistings..plugged in the studio headphones, It sounds excellent. The play mechanism seems perfect.

This is the best version of "Paint it black" I ever heard. What year was that recorded? Thanks very much, I will be in touch and let you know how my own tapes do on it.

Now I am going to get some good blank tapes.

Thanks again,


(Otari MX-5050-B2HD)

Hello Rolf

Sorry, I meant to get back with feedback on the Otari sooner. Very busy here lately. the Otari is indeed a workhorse!! I am sure you can steer me in the right direction with this. I have been working on restoring an old reel that is full of splices which have mostly all broken on playback. Do you know where I can get splicing tape? Also I could use some ectra reels if you could sell them (or tell me where to find them)

Send me a link for your feedback page!!

Douglas Lins

(Buyer Akai GX-4000 D)

Hello Rolf,

The tapedeck came. You wrapped it very well, Everything functions, Thanks you very much!

Regards Zoltan

(Buyer Tascam 22-2)

Rolf, got the Tascam 22-2 about 2 hours earlier. Before I mounted it in my rack mount, I decided to see if this thing was as good as your personal comments clamied. Well, it's better. The sound is fantastic! I'm very pleased. I'm sure I will buy more stuff from you in the future. The Leonard Cohen tape is wonderful. Thanks for thinking about other people.It appears that you have a passion for the Reel to Reel Era and not just in it to make money, that is rare these days.

I just like sitting back and watching the reels spin. Someone told that I could not get metal spools for the 7" reels, is that correct, if not where?

Thanks Rolf

Happy Reeling!

Larry Smith

(Buyer Akai GX-265 D)

You are my hero, the Akai is all hooked up and it is just great. I love the dirty blues and jazz. The recording you made is wonderful. I have no idea if you deal in old records or not. If so and any are for sale, please let me know.

You have a Great Day because this Akai have made my day.

Nate Dowdy


(Restored Sony TC-630 D)

Hi Rolf,

The eagle has landed, received the shipment this afternoon, Bravo!!

What a fabulous job you did restoring my pride and joy. I bought this Sony second-hand in 72. Despite the fact that I wore the machine out over a thirty year period, you have rendered it brand new again as far as I am concerned, Lazarus walks !

Thanks a million once again for helping me.

With highest regards -- George Miller.

(Buyer Sony TC-366)

Just dropping a note, tape recorder is working fine. Made my Christmas, had family over listen to my fathers Christmas music he recorded when he was younger.

Thank you for the great service you have given me.

Phillip Spitzer

(Parts Sony TC-366)

Hi Rolf

Friday, June 27th,03. I received your package in very good condition. I want to thank you so much for everything. It was wellpacked and the dustcover is in very good conditions well as the cabinet and now I am a very happy man cause you made one of my dream come thru.

Thanks again and again for all. My very best best regards, you are doing a great job and by the way, you have a great site, Thanks Rolf!

Benoit Brule'

(Buyer Akai GX-230 D)


I finished hooking up the new recorder to a seperate system. Personally I think the latest unit has a slightly clearer sound than the first that I bought. Not that much just slightly. Thanks for the extra tapes !

Any time I can send someone your way I will. Rolf have a great day, you are truly a person of integrity.

Nate Dowdy.

(Buyer Parts Australia)

Hiya Rolf

Well the rackears turned up today..!have never received a package so fast from the US!!! You must know someone in USPS and pulled some strings?

Anyway, thanks very much, your service is much appreciated and I've added your website into my favourites listing. I look forward to dealing with you again in the future!

Thanks and Best regards

Bryan Olding.

(Buyer Manual)

Hi Rolf,

Just recieved my Tascam 38 manual today, It looks like everything i need is in there. Great doing buissness with you!!!

Thanks again

Tony Rondinelli, Canada

(Buyer Speed-sleeve Akai)


Sleeve assembly arrived today it works like a champ.

Thanks again and have a great weekend. Hope Santa was good to all of you.

These Christmas tapes sound WONDERFUL!!!

Chuck in Colorado

(Buyer Sony TC-366)

Hi Rolf and Happy Holidays !!

The Sony TC-366 that I bought from you last Februari, is still going strong and working great.

Using it, I've been able to recover almost all of my old audio recordings, both of my family and from my 1970's! radio shows in college, and digitally transcribe them.

Listening to these is like having the past materialize, if all too briefly, before you.

Thanks for your help in making this possible!

Best wishes, to you and your loved ones, for a most enjoyable Holiday Celebration and a very Happy New Year!

John Kalinowski

(Buyer Akai GX-220D)

Dear Rolf

I recieved the Akai yesterday in good condition and everthing is OK.

Thanks for your excellent packing.

New recording was playing back at a lower volume, maybe because I was using a old tape.

Once again wishing you a very happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Bhaskar in Oman.

(Buyer Service-manual and reel)

Hi Rolf,

just went out to get the mail, and lo and behold, your package has arrived safe and sound.

Tomorrow I will begin to see if I can find out why this tape machine won't run. Thank you again for your help and generosity in providing me with the tools I need to see if I can get this machine "up and running"

I might have a few questions for you as I proceed. Is that OK ?

Thanks again Rolf here's wishing you and yours a ver merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year.

best regards


(Buyer runcapacitor)

Hi Rolf,

Received package yesterday, installed run cap. Works great!



Hi Rolf

Received the service manual for the Sony TC-630 today. I am very happy with it and your friendly service and will call on you first for any future request.

If you have any manuals for a German Vintage Radio, it is a Philetta BD 263U made by Phillips(1950), let me know.

Thanks again Gerhard L.

Ps.The packaging was very good and it arrived in perfect condition!

(Buyer manual)

Hi Rolf

Greeting from Cold North Central Wisconsin.

Our local dog team just fought it way through the snow to deliver the Sony TC-366-4 manual that I ordered from you.

It's going to help me a lot in using my tapedeck.

Just wanted to thank you again for working with me on this matter and wish you and yours a happy Holiday Season.

Tom G.

(Buyer Sony TC-558 manual)


Received the manual today.

Great job. It was exactly as you promised, and a timely delivery.

Thanks so much.


(Buyer Sony TC-630 D)

Hello Rolph,

Its al setup and sounding like the good old days, my son and his friends find the Sony fascinating, they stare at it as though they are attempting to comprehend some alien technology. My old tapes are bringing back lots of fond memories.

Thanks for your great service and follow-up!


(Restoration Sony TC-630 D)

Rolf, the Sony works great. Last night my youngest son came over. I fired up the tape recorder and he laughed saying he remembered that old thing when he was a little fellow. He thought it was some kind of dinosaur in the audio world of today.

I put on a tape trerecorded of Elvis (whom he likes a lot) and he said, "Wow, that really does sound good!"I suppose that like the dinosaur, it got more respect once was resurrected.

We had a great time listening to old music and some not so old. Thanks a lot for fixing the Sony, You did a great job!

Bob Hall.

(Buyer Service manual)

Hi Rolf

The letter is to confirm that I recieved the Service Manual copy for the TC-880-2 today.

Thanks again for making your service available. You did a fantastic job in the copy process. If I have any questions, I will be in touch with you regarding this deck.


Phillip Jordan Canada.

(Buyer Akai GX-4000 D)

Hi Rolf

I finally had a moment to set up the Akai, - it works great, wonderful sound!!!

I've played several of the tapes that I was concerned about , and it looks as if there will be no problem with them.

Thank you so much.

Thanks for putting so much attention into the packing as well.

Aloha nui (kind of like muchismas gracias)


Kamuela, Hawaii.

(Buyer several parts and manuals)

Hi Rolf,

I just wanted to say Hi and Thank You for all of your expertise on reel to reel tape decks.

You seem to have most of the parts and knowledge on keeping the analog world alive!

And thank you for sending the many items that I have purchased from you in such timely manner!

Thanks again, and I will be looking forward in doing business with you again.

Kelly Harrison


(Buyer Teac A-1500)

Hello Rolf!! I am happy to say that the tape player arrived on schedual sept 11th YIKES! (what a day!) I am sorry about the belated reponse as I have (unfortunatly) been very busy!

I want to thank you immensly, The whole transaction was perfect.

It is obvious to me that great care was taken in the packing and shipping of the deck, NO corners were cut.

The tape player is MUCH better than what I was expecting, not that I didn't trust you, but the player is in GREAT shape and obviously gone over with a fine tooth comb (just as you stated) .

I plugged it in and fired it up, PERFECT! (F.Y.I. the 1st tape that I played on it was The American Breed-"Bend me, Shape me")

I also want to thank you for all of you shipping updates, and all of the nice little extras that you included with the manual.

Just a great outfit which is missing nothing. I especially was impressed with the little rubber stoppers that hold the reels on,

I would bet nobody even thinks of including these when selling a reel to reel. Thanks again !

(Buyer Akai speed-sleeve)

Dear Rolf,

Talked to my Mom last night and she told me that Dad was having a blast

with the reel to reel player.

The part is working fine and I sure am glad I found your website.

Thanks for your time and speedy service.

May God Bless you and yours.


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