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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

  • When ordering belts or taking a peek inside there are usually several different belts.

    This is a Sony TC-399 that's similar to model: TC-366, TC-377, TC-378 and TC-388.

  • (1)are the counterbelts, one long from the counter pulley up to the second pulley located next to the L- reel-table.
  • Another shorter belt is then attached behind the reel-table from that pulley.
  • (2)Drive-belt is attached from capstan-motor pulley to the left idler-wheel.
  • When engaged on rewind the idler-wheel goes against L-reel-table and start rewinding.
  • (3)Help-belt is the longest that goes around from a small pulley on the fly-wheel to a pulley behind the R reel-table.
  • Function of this belt is feeding the tape to the right reel on play-mode.
  • This belt is difficult too replace, because the whole mounting plate where the head-assembly is attached needs to come off.
  • See picture below:

  • Sony TC-366 with the mounting plate and fly-wheel off.

  • (1) Left Idler-wheel.
  • (2) Right Idler-wheel.
  • (3) Pulley attached on the capstan-motor.
  • (4) Flywheel.
  • (5) Pinchroller.

  • (1) Automatic shut-off switch that engage the capstanmotor to stop when tape is ending. Sometimes this switch goes bad.
  • (2) Erase-head.
  • (3) Record head.
  • (4) Playback head.
  • The red arrows are tape-guides that also is important to keep clean, otherwise severe tape-flutter, damaged tape, slow speed on play, or sluggish rewind/fforward can be the result.

  • Similar models: Akai GX-4000D, 4000, 4000DS X-150, 1700, 1710, M-series.
  • (1)Automatic-shutoff switch. When the small arm is lifted up treading the tape it's engaged with a small rod to the switch and sending voltage to the power-supply for the capstan-motor.
  • This model has one-single motor and several idler-wheels.
  • (2)Idler-pulley. When rewind is engaged the idler-wheel goes against this pulley.
  • (3)Idler-wheel. For rewind function that goes against capstan-pulley + plastic idler-pulley.
  • (4)Capstan-motor with attached pulley.
  • (5)Idler-wheel for fast forward function and play-mode.
  • (6)Tension-roller made of plastic
  • (7)Track-selector switch that moves the headstack up and down depending which track is used.
  • (8)Capstan-axel coming up from the fly-wheel and spin at certain speed from the drive-belt underneath.
  • (9)Cam for play-function.
  • (10)Cam for fforward-funtion.
  • (11)Pause assembly.

  • (1)Drive-belt. Flat belt that goes around the fly-wheel and capstan-motor pulley.
  • (2)Counter-belt.
  • (3)Capstan-motor.
  • (4)Fly-wheel.
  • (5)Bracket for the fly-wheel and adjusting screw in the center.
  • (6)Linkage for record-switch, this engage the record-switch located on the pc-board below.
  • (7)Start capacitor for the capstan-motor. These need replacement sometimes on many Sony and Akai models.
  • (8) Transformer.

  • About electronics and repairs: A big warning, there is high-voltage involved and I don't suggest anyone without the right knowledge and experience to repair electronic devices.
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  • Readers are strongly advised to utilize safety precautions when working with electronics or electricity to avoid all potentioal hazards.
  • The information contained herein has not been approved or endorsed by any of the manufactures mentioned in herein.

  • I have many used parts in stock for different brands and models.

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