Ampex ATR-700 & Akai X-355

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Do it yourself Reel to reel for sale.

  • This model was made in Japan 1977 by Tascam with Ampex design.

  • Inside it's actually the same as Teac 7030, or Tascam 25-2.
  • Connections on the back is XLR instead, for RCA as Ampex wanted that design.
  • The standard ATR-700 has 3 heads but a space, is reserved for a fourth reproduce head as a extra option.
  • This unit has a 4-track head installed for playback function.
  • Speeds: 3-3/4 and 7-1/2.
  • Also models with speed 7-1/2 and 15.
  • 3 different head configurations: full track, two track and quarter track with either one or two channels capability.
  • Ampex released 6 different models of the ATR-700.
  • The partnumber on the back shows the different versions.
  • Adjustable pitch control 5 %.

  • This deck have a past history from a broadcasting station in Denver Colorado TV 7, KlZ.
  • Pictures was taken before restoring the unit.

  • Electronic features: IC-logic control for error-free operation.

    Motion sensing logic allows changing from fast forward or rewind mode to reproduce mode smoothly without tape spillage or damage.

  • The direct drive dc-servo capstan motor provides positive tape control.
  • Other feature is rewind-stop memory switch.

  • 3 motor direct drive and belt driven counter.
  • Dimensions: 21 inches tall. 17 wide. 10 deep.
  • Weight: 62 lbs.

  • Tape width 1/4 inch.
  • Reel hub size selector: 2 positions: Small or large reels.
  • Tape speed accuracy:Within +/- 0,3% at both speeds.
  • Wow and flutter: 0,08% wrms at 7-1/2 speed.
  • 0,12% wrms at 3-3/4 speed.
  • Rewind time: 90 seconds for 1200 feet tape.
  • Three motor direct drive.
  • Lever type for Cueing.
  • Operating position: Vertical or Horizontal.
  • Line output: +4 dbm, 600 ohms,balanced.
  • Line input: XLR-connectors.
  • Record /Reproduce frequency:
  • 7-1/2 speed:40Hz-100Hz +3, -2dB and 100Hz to 15 kHz +/-2dB.
  • 3-3/4 speed:40Hz to 7,5 kHz, =/-2 dB.
  • Motion sensing: Circuit to detect complete stop of tape before going into the playmode when PLAY button is pushed during fast-forward or Rewind. Delay time from stop to the next motion is 0,7 seconds.

  • On top of the headcover there are switches for recording in Sync/Repro.
  • To the right is the selector switch for using the 2 or 4-track head.

  • 3-position switch to match the bias signal.

    Akai X-355 D

    (Made 1964)

    This deck was found in Atlanta and in very good condition.

    After searching for extra options like 10-inch extension arms + remote control,

    I decided to keep this unit for it looks, and actually very good sound.

    Solid state, with many built in options.

    Auto-Reverse function with a timer!

    not so common option.

    Just set the time you want it to reverse, and it stops and change direction. No sensing foil is needed.

    The only flaw is, I don't understand what Akai was thinking of...before you Rewind or Fast Forward the lower part of the headcover must be pushed down ..

    ( Not attached in the picture here).

    Otherwise the heads are against the tape.. VERY loud noise.

    It's missing the X-355 logo on the right side of the facepanel.

    The remote have 12 feet cord and operate both recording and playback functions + Reverse.

    After I found the adaptor kit for 10 inch reels, I really like this unit.

    Of course a big warning for using the big reels in Fforward or Rewind..

    This Akai is the fastest one I have seen rewinding a tape !

    It takes off like a rocket !

    The 10 inch reels are attached with a rubber suction cup, not very safe..

    But this deck is very different I think, has a ugly charm ?

  • Tape speed: 3-3/4, 7-1/2 and 15.

    (note: another pinchroller and sleeve is used for 15 speed)

  • Wow and flutter (playback only): Less than 0,08% RMS at 7-1/2 speed.
  • Less then 0,14% RMS at 3-3/4 speed.
  • Timing accuracy: 0,3 at all 3 speeds.
  • Frequency response: 30-24,000 cps +/- 3db at 7-1/2.

    30-18,000 cps +/- 3db at 3-3/4.

  • Signal to noise ratio: Better than 47 db at normal play.
  • Recording system: 4-track stereo/mono, crossfield system.
  • 4-heads: Recording head. Bias Head. Playback head. Erase Head.
  • Fast forward and Rewind time: 36 seconds using 1200 feet tape!
  • Maximum reelsize: 10-1/2 reels: with adaptor kit installed.(extra option)
  • Motors: 3 motors, beltdriven capstan.
  • Dimensions: 17 tall. 16 Wide. 12 Deep.
  • Weight: 59,4 lbs.

  • Remote control is a nice option.

  • I can leave the adaptors on when using 7 inch reels.
  • The Akai metal reel was a standard reel with this model.

  • Beltdriven extension arm when using 10-1/2 reels. Akai EA-10.

  • Pictures © Vintage TX