Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and Land Resources Laboratory


The Geographical Information Systems, Remote Sensing and Land Resources Laboratory at Trent University is an entity devoted primarily to research, development and higher education in the generic field of Geomatics and its multiple applications, particularly to land resources. Modelling of natural and anthropogenic processes in terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems is a main field of research and development activity. The GIS-LR is located at the Symons Campus of Trent University, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada.

An image of the battleground of Sekigahara, Japan. This image was created by digitizing over 5000 points and interpolating them using kriging.
An example of the kind of remote sensing imagery which is used in GIS, this image shows the Tsangpo River, China. Courtesy of

created and designed by Mike Thro, '04 Graduate

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