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Howdy, my name's Tim, and this is my site:



My Latest Bit plane, 9 1/2" wingspan Ultimate Biplane. DD M20, 145 lipo, re-shaped U-80 prop, All bluefoam, hand carved Fuse from solid blue foam.This is my latest BitPlane, A 9 1/2" Ultimate Bipe scratch built from blue foam. I cut and shaped the fuse from solid blue foam then when i was happy with it, I cut it in half, got a hot wire and 'scooped' the foam out of the middle then glued it back together to form a hollow 3D Fuse. I'm using a Fit racer micro can RX and TX, I've done no mods to the tx, but the RX Has a FET booster on the side. I have no problem getting 100m range with the fit racer.



This is my latest Bit plane (micro 2 channel rc plane) It uses the same running gear as the mustang's further down the page. I built it from plans drawn up by Chris3D from I printed out the plans 25% smaller because the plans were intended for 3channel use. It came out heavyier than expected (25grams) With the huge power from a Direct Drive N20 Mabuchi motor spinning a U-80 prop. It performs quite well on this set up. I have yet to fly it indoor however. It has very good rudder response, probably because of it's larger rudder.



My custom built Man 5t Micro rc truck or (TTTT) Table, Top, Truck, Trial. This truck has taken me about 30 hrs to complete. I purchased the model truck from USA. It's drive motor is a 6mm pager motor. it's steered by a micro servo. It's power source is 4x 1/3aaa 130mah Nimh batteries. It's 1/87 scale so it's very small, it measures 9cm in length and about 1.5" high. It also feature a articulating front axel so it can navigate rough terrain with all 4 wheels still on the ground. All the electronics are housed in the cargo area.

(click for larger veiw)

This is my Midget racer made from aHen long mini tank it's only 1"x1" and pretty fast too!, not suprising concidering it has direct drive motors + it's extreme light weight.

This was my first micro rc plane. It's a converted Fit racer micro rc car. It uses a custom wound acuator for steering, it's power comes from a 145mah Kokam Lithium cell. it's engine is a geared n20, the gear box is from an e-chargers plane. Flew very well for a first attempt.

One of my best vehicles to date: A 4wd 1/32 scale rc Isuzu MU. Powered by a 130 motor it has heaps of grunt for climbing sloapes and rockcrawling. (I highly reckomend you watch the movie of it at the bottom of this page. It's running on 4 AAA's.

My second attempt at a micro rc plane. A mini Mustang with a 15.5" wing span, lots of wing area, 12grams of thrust and an All up weight of just 19gramms- it had NO! problem climbing. This was a great plane and I've had alot of fun with it until this:

The one and onlt 3d fuse micro rc mustang complete with spinner :P . Use all the same components as the first mustang. This dosen't quite has as much performance weighing in at 25grams but it sure has the looks and scale flight characteristics.


Some movies, all in QuickTime format:





I'm TimTheToolman over at The MicroRCenter Forum

I'm also TimTheToolman over at WeGotU "we put the 'U' in comunity"


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