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H2O is like a dark walk-in closet where about 50 people, 48 of which are rolling face try to cram into at 3am. It is an after hours club, and it is highly NOT is bad...I thought it would be fun, but it wasn't. I went there once and would never go again. The bouncer tried to pick a fight with me because I was using strings that were too long. We didn't get along very well. He tried to take them, and of course I wouldn't give him my he tried to throw me out, but he couldn't becasue I left, and told eveyrone in line outside that it was crappy! Childish maybe, but I was not happy. It was expensive for what it was, I think 10 dollars maybe, plus I had to pay 2 bucks to have my visor checked at the door...what a rip off!! Don't ever go there....

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