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Tabu Nightclub

One word basically describes this place...Sucks! When I first came to college, people were all about Tabu. Everyone acted like it was the cool place to be. I went there, they kicked me out for breaking out glow sticks. I had the crowd going, it was a lot of fun, but I was thrown out. That's actually how I met my first Pi Kapp, who eventually became my big brother. But that's a different story. Anyway, the club could be pretty cool if they played good music, and not really crap breaks. I think it used to be an old church, and so it has a balcony which is actually VIP. It's kinda cool, but the music is soo bad, the people who work there are such jerks, and the whole no glow stick thing is a real hassle. I asked why they were like this when I was thrown out, the bouncer told me that they were a "high class" club. Obviously he was never to NYC or Philly before.

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