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Good Clubs in Orlando

Finding good clubs in Orlando is a difficult thing after being spoiled with the great clubs like Shampoo that the Northeast has to offer. Very few clubs in Orlando offer anything to the true hard house or trance fans. Most clubs in Orlando are attempting to be "high class" thus not allowing glow sticks, anything other then tight shirts with dress shoes, and are even prohibiting "break dancing" as I was told I was doing while I was dancing without any part of my body touching the floor except for my feet. I certainly am not a break dancer! No offense to any out there, but I am deffintly leaving that skill to those guys, something I have no ability in what-so-ever. There is only one good club in Orlando for us raver/house music type people. Thursday nights are awesome...the main room is a giant FOAM party every week with classic Floirda breaks and a little house, the back room, with DJ Mantis plays the best of NYC house (he kicks ass by the way), and upstairs features a mix of some other music....I never go up there....but as the only club in O-town to play techno which you wont find on the radio, it deffintly gets my vote as the best in Orlando...and this can be seen in the large crowds, about 800 people (which is pretty good for a downtown club in O-town on the busiest night of the week). Obviously for anyone with experience of clubs in the Northeast, you are rolling on the floor when I say that 800 is a lot of people for a club on one night....I was too at first, but clubs just aren't the same down here....

The one good club I have found in Orlando

The Club at Firestone