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PRP (PhukenRaven Phoundation)

Well here it is...PRP (PhukenRaven Phoundation) This crew was started awhile back in the summer of 2000 at the Jersey shore...It originally started when Dunning, Schibs, and Kirbs were all down there, came up with the idea, then Schibs and Kirbs designed a label and had it made...From then, a few of our other friends, Dew-Man, his sister Al, her then boyfriend Juan (the best glow sticker ever), and our friend Vig joined up with us.....As a crew, we're pretty damn good if I say so myself...a lot of people consider us the best out there, but thats hard to judge...All of them except for me are up in Jerz still, so I'm down here in Florida representing now we're all up and down the coast...keep representing fellas....and Al :)

The PRP Mascot

Well here he is, the official mascot of the crew...

A shot of me glow sticking at night

Using high intensity blue glow sticks, I am caught by Schibs spinning late one night

The crew chillin with Schib's Shagon Wagon

From left, Dunning, Schibs, me, and Kirbs is in front...