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Hi!  My name is Darin Corey.  I live in Port Allegany, Pennsylvania, USA.  I am 17 years old.  I was born in late 85.  I am going into my senior year of Port Allegany High School.  When I graduate, I will move to Hawaii someplace near the ocean.

I am currently taking up computer courses in my high school career.  In my Freshman year, I took up Word Processing I and Micro Express.  In my Sophomore Year, I took up Word Processing II.  In my Junior Year, I took up Programming, Electronics (this is computer-related), Desktop Publishing (DTP), and Computer Aided Drafting Design (CADD).  In my Senior year, I will be taking Computer Maintenance & Technology (CMT).

In Programming & DTP, we did PowerPoint Presentations.  In Programming, I did mine on computers & technology.  In DTP, I did mine on Mountain Dew.

When my summer started, I got obsessed with PowerPoint.  I made up a Metallica presentation.