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Original music by RS

NEW MUSIC (March 19, 2005)

Last Flight Out (mp3, 3.00mb): A track off 'While My Guitar Gently Beeps'.
Last Rites (mp3, 3.00mb): A track off the Wall Of Drums project 'Trance Chants'.
My Favourite Changes (mp3, 5.08mb): A track off 'Tributes to Musical Heroes'.
Ghosts In The Machine (mp3, 1.30mb): Another quick demo featuring presets from Roland's GR-20 with the GK-3 Divided Pickup in guitar/synth signal-split mode on the solo.


Song For C (mp3, 7mb): An ambient attempt at piano/orchestra composition with parts played and quantized on Technics' woefully underrated WSA1 workstation.

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