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RS - Home Of The Knave, Land Of The Flea

Selected tracks from the album are now available at, HERE and HERE (please scroll down).

Master of DIY

More original music

Press release

The Star's piece on the album.

Star interview focusing on Malaysian electronica.

Item on Notes From Home in The Star.

Trax from the upcoming Bollywood Beauties album

Aishwarya Rai's Catwalk Shimmy (mp3, 77kbs/vbr, 3.36mb) Play

For other originals by RS, go here, here, here, here or here.

Also check out these other projects I had a hand in: Tribute To Mardana, WOD, Che Ahmad.

HEAR! HEAR! : Coolest Malaysian indie music site.

Epitonic Radio : The best cutting-edge music on the Web.


Does storage matter more than sound?

Rise of the anoraks

The Pro-Am revolution

Plone power