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Funny Info

March 23rd 1997
100 militant monks rioted in western Rangoon on March 23rd 1997. The monks stormed a mosque and were taken into custody by Armed Security workers. Burma's military junta urged the country to remain calm, claiming "internal and external destructionists" were behind religious tensions.

More Recent Stuff


Orion 34 goes from a level 1-8 in Team Slayer with the help of Burningthe One and mid west twins although mid west twins lost a game for him he still wants credit for helping out. The story behind this loss at the fault of mid west twins is this: The Game Team Slayer the Map Collosus the Score 49-49 after Orion gets raped by 4 members of the opposing team but keep in mind he didnt know. mid west knowing that Orion had just died backed off a little for like 20 seconds NOT KNOWING it was 49-49 he jumps down at the 4 members of the team WITH A SHOTGUN and no gernades wich he came to find out after he had jumped down well as you may have figured out he GOT SLAUGHTERED losing the game for the team lesson learned it doesnt matter the score dont try stupid things and CHECK FOR GERNADES.

February's Peon and Member Contest:
Which ever Peon or Member recruits the most people will get a Rank upgrade.Staff members and Overlords if you can beat or match the amount of recruits of the winning Peon or Member whoever wins then a proze will be determined for you later.(please remember they have to be from Pueblo or Pueblo West)(In order for the recruit to stay they must have proof of living in the area.)

On February, 9th Orion 34 and Mid west twins will be available for any 2 on 2 battles you can be any rank to play and you must play with a member from the clan. If you win or do extremly well you will be upgraded(If you are a staff your team must beat us to even consider a rank upgrade for you)