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Le Club 2002


Last updated FEB 26 2002

Jan 22:

Well Its Jan 2002 , due to the El Nino years, wind conditions were very poor until now.. Average wind speed is 24 KM/H
Slope combat is the norm in this wind and the Zagi's came into its own .......

FEB 22:

Well we have been there almost every weekend and the wind is dropping a little now..
We will be back again soon.

FEB 24:

We have gone back 1 final time and the wind has really dropped.. We will have to wait until
next year.



Feb Photos

Feb 24 was our final trip to Le Club, the winds have died down and came back only very late in the afternoon.. We arrived at
10.30 AM and left at the usual 5.00 PM.. We will be back again next year.

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Final bash at the cliff, Mimi does her last bush walk and a picture of the gang.


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Everyone and the Kids who plucked planes from trees and sharp thorny bushes.

Johnnie declares the season closed. Click picture to play . Windows Media (80k)


Comes Feburary and it was the weekend of the JAZZ EXTREMES . Sustained inverted flight was because of the very powerful updrafts from the cliffs... The Green pictures are INFRA-RED photos at 2.00 PM . The girl is from the local village and she climbs trees and retrieves planes for us..

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Mimi Picks up a Jazz Extreme from the Bush,Infra Red view of the cliff and an inverted Jazz Extreme.


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2 JazzEs does a head to head high speed, but missed.. 2 JazzEs
about to collide, the aftermath is one Jazz up the tree and Mimi got it for us.


January Photos


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Zagis whip it out during the Early 2002 trips


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Local Fliers , friends and their spouses

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DAW TG 3 , Mongo Jr and Canterbury's Tucan Fight it out

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Windows Media
Johnnie Declares 2002 season open...(450k)
Zagi Hits Zagi
Zagi loses to balsa model




LanSat Image of Sedili