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Phuket 2002 Thailand


We took a trip to Phuket for an exqusite and exclusive flying experience. All the models came through the luggage without getting crushed or lost and we also built special boxes for storing the models whilst in transit.

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All the models arrived safely in the packed boxes and all the flying wings arrived safely too without any
special packing, they had the fragile stickers on though.. Arrival at holiday inn was not a problem because
transport had a overhead compartment to store the boxes ..

We started flying in the afternoon, wind was great but the sun was having a devastating effect on the flying.. The model's orientation
was very hard to judge as you can see from the dark photos we took.

Here is an twilight shot of the Beetle (Designed by Stanley Chan of Hong Kong) and Johnnie Wong

We also flew the Electric powered Brisk from Tun Modelbau , it did great aerobatics and is really fast
however, we had a hard time landing it because the flaps was top hinged and did not deflect
90 Degrees down so it was still zooming past at full crow. Took about 10 attempts to land it
at a safe spot.

The guys did a lot of fun no rules slope racing from one end of the bay to the other.
I think this place can be a fantastic slope racing site, Winds blow at 30 MPH average
increasing to 60 Mph when a rainstorm brews.

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Eating at road side stalls (The correct one) is a fantastic tasty exprience


For the record, this crab is called Ranina Ranina
(scientific name) known as Red Frog Crab ,Kona or Spanner Crab (See claws)
found in Asia Pacific Region and Australasia.

The fellow is unique in that it can only move FORWARD and BACKARDS and
is unable to move sideways. It hides in clean sand with only the eyes visible. The head itself
is very heavy, even with empty , the head is approximately 200 grams!!

Anyway it did not taste that fantastic lots of soft internal shell where the meat is and
that got in the way


The typical road side stall, would scare away most people
but this one is great and I did not fall sick.


Our Garmin GPS V helped us to maintain some sense of where
we are going in a strange place.. Click to see a larger picture.

**WM - Windmill area is where we flew..**

WM :- Long: 7d ,46m,11.2s :: lat 98d,18m,23.1s

(Degrees Mins Seconds)