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The Man Who Hates Fiberglass


Mr William Foo of Singapore is one of the very few Balsa only scratch builders. He scratch builds almost every model
except for a few from partial kits or full kits.. He hates the beautufil ASW 27s made of fiberglass and insists on making
everything out of wood and some metal.. That is all he will use, no foam , no fiberglass, but he does not fret about using
SuperGlue which is the only high-tech component he uses.. he cannot afford to use white glue to create his master pieces
as it would probably take too long to dry..

Anyway for the upcoming slope season, he is building his own design ASW look alike, 100% wood and metal combo
with a 'lifting tail' that is a fully functional stab. The main wing is his own design
complete with airbrakes ,flaps and ailerons.. a design he says will enable him to hover down on the slope
like a heli, which he normally does in all his other gliders because they are so light..


Click to see DSC02567.jpg
Click to see DSC02568.jpg
Hand Laid Balsa Planking everywhere
Wing Root and whole fuse planking

Click to see DSC02580.jpg


You can see the 100% balsa model , complete with aero - tow hook, wheels and other stuff


Click to see DSCN1295rs.jpg


The Final Product