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Flying Circus 2001

I am just back from the Fiss flying circus and the Kellerjoch. Enclosed some photos. In general we had good whether and I got my first real alpine flight. Awesome thermals! Theo Arnold went down into the valley and after 90 minutes fight he was up again. Great! I than spent some days at the Kellerjoch with him and got some private flight lessons. As you can see this is the place above Insbruck at about 2100 meter hight with a hotel on top. Once they switch off the Lift there is no way to go down town or make it back for the night.

The guy beside Theo is Helmut, a local who knows pretty good about the winds. He stays long at night flying and than using his mountain bike to go back at midnight or he sleeps outside and than takes his glider "flying down" to work in the morning with his Pilatus B4 in the back pack. The thermals are the strongest I have ever seen and I estimate about 10 m/ sec. lift. You can fly from 11 am to 7 pm. The only way is to do high speed landing is up the slope. The dives of Theo's 16 kg airplanes are unbelieveable at about 250 km/h. The sound is jetlike! I was impressed specially with his RIPO DG 800 which is no longer made and his own DG 600 with a HQ 2.3 airfoil. The DG 1000 of EMS is a good performer in thermals but a little slower on the dive. I have to get a fast plane of 6 meter myself for the next season. If can only recommend you try this yourself.

p.s.: Here are some photos of the German Open Semi Scale Aerobatics Soaring event in Simmern. Specially the new 7 meter Salto of Bruckmann looks impressive!
Frank Oeste carries the Lunak of Robin.

Best regards
Steffen Burkert


The Kellerjoch