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|||| Real Name : Janis Kalnins.

|||| Born in 1984.

|||| Country : Latvia.

|||| State : Riga.

|||| An electronic music producer QX#55 was born in Latvia, where's a quite

|||| big number of good Dj's and producers.

|||| First interests in electronic music were in mid nineties, when he found

|||| something more interesting in music than just a commercial trash. But

|||| his first experiments were only in the beginning of the new century. At

|||| first he was making music with all the kind of things. When he got first

|||| PC, then he began to create the music using digital devices. But it took

|||| a long time to say, that this was a music of QX#55 and he is still develo-

|||| ping. Now his style is more like experimental, ambient, but it can be techno,

|||| jungle ,electro... One especial style is not stated.



|||| Describing the music is not easy, because music gives us unique emotions,

|||| which can be unusual for everyone of us. Creating music is like drawing a

|||| picture. In every part of the process, artist has got the final product

|||| in the head, but others can't see the way, he does.



|||| The assumed name QX#55 has no relevant meaning. It can be attached by

|||| various senses, but if anyone wants know now one of them, here you go :

|||| Q is like a question, why can't we see the true colors of the rainbows

|||| in the ''canvas'', X is like a secret that will never be exposed and the

|||| number fifty five is QX#55 lucky number. Who knows, maybe this story is

|||| wrong..




||| END?????


©2005 QX#55