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Training Quiz

1. The following is a characteristic of adult learners:

a. Adults seek out learning experiences in order to cope with specific life-changing events.
b. Adults do not tend to take errors personally.
c. Adults learn new concepts more slowly.
d. For most adults, learning is its own reward.

2. Which of the following is the highest order of learning (among those given) in Bloom's Taxonomy?

a. Knowledge
b. Comprehension
c. Application
d. Synthesis

3. Which of the following does Brookfield indicate are two important functions of diversity of teaching styles in the classroom?

a. Text dependence as a learner leads to text dependence as a teacher.
b. You stand a good chance of connecting to the preferred learning style of most of your students and some point in your teaching.
c.Sixty per cent (60%) of learners' primary mode is visual.
d. The principle of diversity should be engraved on every teacher's heart.

4. Which of the following is critical in understanding adult learners?

a. Adult learners ar primarily abstract thinkers.
b. Adult learners are noted for learning for its own sake.
c. Adult learners need to be able to integrate new ideas with what they know if they are to retain the new information.
d. Adults are sufficiently persistent to learn in any mode.