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Faculty Training

Welcome to the College's Faculty Training Page. The Winter 2003 Faculty Training will be conducted online. All adjunct and full-time faculty must complete the online faculty training to be scheduled for classes in the 1Q04, so please complete the following basic training as soon as possible.


First, complete the Policy Review by going to the first Training Hyperlink. After you have reviewed and understood the policies, please send me an email certifying that you have done so. My email address is at the bottom of the page.

Second, read the material at the three Training Hyperlinks, Characteristics of Adult Learners, Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning, and Diversity. After you have completed those Training Hyperlinks, proceed to the Training Quiz. A seventy per cent (70%) score is required on the Training Quiz. You will have to email me the answers since I have not been able to get JavaScript to run on Angelfire's pages.

I thank you for your service in 2003. You are a fine faculty, and I am proud to have you teaching for me.

Happy Holidays to you and your families.

Mike Adkins, Dean of Academics

Training Hyperlinks

Policy Review
Characteristics of Adult Learners
Bloom's Taxonomy of Learning
Training Quiz