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A God of Battle

A Force guide by FlamingMonkey

Special Move Information

Gravity Well - Use it randomly when you are not in immediate danger of prjectiles or ground attacks. Any person jumping at you or using an aerial attack (like Jag Leap, or his fLK) will be caught in it. The RK version will catch people later and is therefore slower, but can be comboed out of. If you need to instantly catch someone, use the LK version.

Super Gravity Well - Just use it as you would use Gravity Well (but not randomly), except note its superior speed; this means you can como Super Gravity Well from a simple RK, except in places with bounce-resistent floors (ex: Blast Furnace).

Meteor Call - it has a relatively high tick damage score, so it's great for breaking turtles. My style of mobility limits my use of this, but I'll say that the RP version is very good for attacking crowds.

Super Meteor Call - many people choose to randomize this move due to its range, but I say only do this if your opponents are incapable of blocking. The rest of the time, use it in combos. The reason I say this is because

Bombs - Bombs should be your main projectile, now that Vortices take too long to be effective quickly anymore. If you know your bomb will hit, fire a Meteor Call so it hits immediately afterwards, then jump in for a small combo. Be aware that their overuse on anyone with half of a brain will have severe consequences, since they are stealable both from your hands and the location of activation, and can be guided into you by clever players.

Super Bomb - This is potentially Force's most damaging super, stacking up to 25 hits and packing a punch of nearly 100 damage. This is relatively difficult to pull off close enough to get those numbers when fighting aware opponents, but with that many hits it does significant block damage and even penetrates through your enemies/teammates, giving quite high potential rewards.

Vortices - There's little point in creating and throwing these trump cards as soon as possible unless the target is almost directly on the activation point. The real magic is creating a halfway/fully charged vortex to toss into your local hazard, dragging all nearby combatants into your trap. You can also purposely drag yourself and opponents into it and try to counter your own charge, giving you a freeby.

Black Hole - Force's crowd-control abilities reach their peak with this devastating super. At two energy bars and two Vortices, the cost and preparation time for this attack can be massive, but the reward can be more than satisfactory, especially in hazardous areas. While it deals only about 40 damage or so, its massive pull can collect large groups of HARs and total to a monstrous total damage, making this move worthwhile in a few situations. Expect to be ganged-up on after performing this super, but those never really work out, do they? They'll end up fighting each other like regular in no time. Black Hole is probably the most feared super in the game, since the attacker gets to keep his or her victims busy for a while and can manipulate his/her Black Holes to be in dangerous areas.

Carriables - There are three tragectories through which you will cause your item related mayhem - low, medium, and high. Tossing projectiles on a low tragectory requires the forward movement key to be depressed at the time of release. This is the one I recommend most for direct damage that is fast and accurate. Medium is generally not recommended at all. High tragectory projectiles are excellent because they cannot be grabbed, are good for starting/continuing combos and are good for vortice-hazard damage.

Repulsor - Use this weapon sporratically; it does very low damage and is meant to catch people offguard. If it fails this purpose, it is useless because it is fairly slow, does very little damage, and weakens combos significantly if used within the first six hits. It has greater range that most melee attacks, and this is very instrumental in its surprise mentality. Using this to the side, catching someone and then side jump-turning behind them is very surprising to most people. The use of this move drains stun at a fast rate, so be careful and never, ever use this move as a plow!

A Couple of Combos I've Made

a.LP, fRK, LK, RP, Super Meteor Call, *[(Super) Gravity Well], RK, j.fLK, a.fLP, a.fRP, LP, j.fRK, a.RK, a.LK, *[(Super) Gravity Well], fLK, fLP, fRP, Repulsor.

* []= can be placed in either spot where the * occurs without problems. () = can be omitted completely.

Ok, let's start from the top: landing the first hit. Landing an a.LP is not at all difficult, it thrusts quite a large distance for a regular attack, and moves you down into the start of the combo. Usually you would do this immediately out of an air evade, because this makes it easier to execute on a person suspecting an attack. After you know after you have made contact, hold forward to ready your fingers for your next attack.

Many players have difficulty removing their finger from the forward key in time to perform an LK after the fRK, resulting in a sloppy fLK. The LK must be pressed while the RK is still in progress, otherwise the move's normal delay will occur.

The transition from RP to Super Meteor Call is a little tough at first, but keep in mind that the previus paragraph also applies to this transition.

Immediately after the Super Meteor Call animation is completed, start moving forward (don't worry, even the slowes character can make it to the victim in time to keep following up). This might be a little tricky for many, so keep practising until the exact range of Gravity Well and RK are well burned into your mind. When your intuition tells you that you are close enough to use RK/Gravity Well, use the move.

After a successful RK, your opponent should bounce, so get ready to jump when you are partway through the move. this needs to be a forward jump with a very fast fLK to initiate your aerial pounding sequence. a.fLP is not required but its use doesn't hinder anything, so use the j.fLK, a.fLP, and a.fRP in very quick succession.

You can follow with an a.RP if you want to hit them a great deal further (auto-Grudge Flamethrower), or an a.RK, a.fRK, fLK, fLP, LP, j.RK if you want to look really cool and show off your awesome timing, but it won't get you more damage even when tacking more moves onto it.

After your fRP, continue to push forward while you fall to save some time. When you have landed, close any distance left between you and your opponent and prepare to LP. Depending on how the LP hit, you should be pretty well set up for your next aerial segment.

Forward jump at your opponent and continue to hold it as you press your RK key to perform this j.fRK. It is a very good idead to do this at the peak of your jump, otherwise your a.RK could miss. After a while of practising this combo, you will be able to tell beforehand whether or not your a.RK will hit, and move on to the a.LK directly from your j.fRK. If the a.RK was used, you should land just before your opponent. If you are in the Blast Furnace, your combo is over and congratulations to you.

If you are not in Blast Furnace, then you shall push on. Use a Super or RK Gravity Well while they bounce, and time an fLK so that your opponent lands on it, not in it, not under it, not behind it. If your opponent is well above your head afterwards, wait for him/her to come down to about eye-level with your Force before executing your final fLP, fRP, Repulsor, be very fast with each. The new Repulsor changes enable you to hold Repulsor and carry them to the end of the combo, ranging from 32-36 hits.

And so ends the combo.

Counter, RK, j.fLK, a.fLP, a.fRP, a.RK, a.fRK, fLK, fLP, LP, j.RK, RP, (Super) Meteor Call, j.RP

I know I've probably come up with easier and longer counter combos in the past, but however difficult and short this one is, it certainly is more reliable.

If someone is repeating a tactic, you have a good chance at predicting and countering their moves. So what? You lost a ton of stun and did even less damage. What surprisingly few realise is that you can combo from this into a powerful weapon of reversal.

Your first task, other than successfully countering, is to land an RK, not an easy task by any means. In the Blast Furnace, this works occasionally. If your opponent has a good ping and formidable knowledge of the game mechanics, he/she will air evade immediately after the counter, so be ready to pull a side jump, Gravity Well, or Side Repulsor on a pinprick.

After a successful RK, jump into the air very quickly and unleash these four hits in quick succession: a.fLK, a.fLP, a.fRP, a.RK. After an RK, you may be thinking that you just ended your combo, as you'll notice you can't hit them again from up there. You must therefore wait for your own HAR to fall and your victim's to bounce up again. When you and your opponent are level in midair (it's a flyby) hit him/her with a well-placed a.fRK.

After landing, your target shoud be very close to landing, so press the fLK the moment you touch the ground or use your best judgement in irregular situations. Follow with a fast fLP and LP right afterwards (this takes practise for some, it's sometimes tough to do the same key with different conditions attached), and leap into the air towards your opponent, using a.LK partway there. The LK should finish just as you close in on the victim in order to make contact.

He/She will bounce off of the ground, where you will have to rush to RP them back up, and then Super Meteor Call very quickly.

After the Super Meteor Call animation ends, simply forward jump at your wearied punching bag and RP right at the end, pushing them along the ground.

If your enemy has not evaded even at this point in time, then he/she is stunned or doesn't know how to air evade, in both cases you should follow this with the larger combo mentioned previously.

General Strategies