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Michael, Jacqueline, and Fire, Oh My!


May 1, 2005 By Eric Andersson


            Remember The Beatles? They’re back! Well, kind of. This crazy Scottish quartet called Franz Ferdinand takes after The Beatles, but with a new pop twist. Their single, “Take Me Out” is featured on 2 PSP commercials and was nominated for a Grammy.

Ferdinand’s debut album self-titled Franz Ferdinand has gone platinum. It’s a really interesting album with 11 crazy tracks that are similar, but completely different. Probably the best 2 tracks are This Fire, and Take Me Out, both high in energy and with a good beat. Others, such as The Dark Of The Matinee have mixed ‘feelings’ starting with a moderate speed instrumental introduction, then a slow and smooth first verse that slowly picks up and goes into the chorus. This continues on in a good and exciting way.

One track is almost a direct descendant of ABBA, that being Auf Asche with the same feeling and keyboard style. Jacqueline is another interesting track, starting with a short story about a receptionist or the like, and goes into a mildly good chorus, and the song has nothing to do anymore with poor Jacqueline. Michael is a really, really fast paced song that’s sparky and zany. Overall, I highly recommend that you get this album. They’re real cool, they will be real big, and the album is real cheap, at $11.99 at most places.






Franz Ferdinand-Franz Ferdinand

EPIC Records

$11.99 at most stores