* 1991, July, San Francisco, CA,  Satanist Michael A. Aquino
  v. Michael  P.W. Stone,  Secretary of the Army,  768  F.Supp.
  529; 957 F.2d 139, Dismissal of lawsuit affirmed.

  Aquino, priest of the Beast

  Michael Aquino, the founder of a Satanist group,  Temple  of
  Set,  was  a  Lt. Col in the Army Active Reserves. After the
  Presidio Day Care case, he sued the Army after they "titled"
  him  under  an investigatory report for indecent acts with a
  child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and  false  swearing,
  and   for  his  dismissal  from  the  active  reserves.  The
  documents state:

  "Aquino contends that evidence collected by the Army CID did
  not  justify  its  creating  an  investigation report titled
  under  his  name  and   that   those   involved   with   the
  investigation  were  motivated  to  remove him from the Army
  because he is the founder of the Temple of Set,  a  satanist

  "Decision  of  Army Criminal Investigation Division (CID) to
  title investigation report with Army Reserve Officer's  name
  and  its  subsequent  decision  not  to remove his name from
  title block properly resulted from  relevant  considerations
  and  was  not tainted by consideration of officer's satanist
  religious beliefs and pressure from United States Senator. 5
  U.S.C.A. 706(2)(A)." [957 F.2d 139]

  "{1}  In  1990  a  continuation  board  of  the Army Reserve
  recommended discontinuing Aquino's service in  the  Reserve,
  and he was processed out of the Army."

  Aquino  was never criminally charged and the Army titled him
  3 months after the  criminal  statute  of  limitations  ran.
  Aquino's lawsuit against the Army was dismissed.

  [Aquino and his wife, Lilith, "Queen of witches"]