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For Sale Ferrite AM Loopstick Antenna Coils

For Sale Crystal Radio Set Coils (Xtal Radio Set Coils ). These are very popular Crystal Radio Coils but can be used for other purposes.

These are known as Ferrite Rod Loopstick Antenna Coils used in AM radios and Crystal ( Xtal ) Radio Sets. These are also known as a Antenna Coils, Ferrite Antenna Coils, Loopstick or Loop Stick , Magnetic Antenna Coil, Ferrite Rod Antenna Coils, AM ferrite Antenna Coils, Ferrite Rod Coils. Crystal Radio Antenna Coils. Crystal Radio Coils.

I sell these Crystal Radio Coils in two different values 680uh, 788uh. The 680uh comes in two forms one is on a round ferrite rod 10mm in diameter and 60mm long with no taps that is about 3/8 inches in diameter and 2-3/8 long. The other two are on flat bars 5mm X 12mm X 55mm long.

The coils are wound with Litz type wire for a higher Q than solid copper wire.

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The 788uh Litz wire coil listed below has taps at center and 680uh about 10 turns from end.

788uh Ferrite Loopstick Antenna Coil

Part # LSA788, 788uh Loopstick Antenna Coil Price $2.97 Each. 

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The 680uh Litz wire coil below has tap at 470uh about 20 turns from end.

680uh Ferrite Loopstick Antenna Coil

Part # LSA680-470, 680uh Loopstick Antenna Coil with tap at 470uh Price $2.97 Each.

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680uh Loopstick Antenna Coil

Part # LSA680RR, 680uh Loopstick Antenna Coil Round Rod Price $2.97 Each

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