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For Sale Crystal Radio Kits, Crystal Radio Set Supplies, Amateur Ham Radio Parts
We are not just selling items for Crystal Radios
We sell many Hard to Find Electronic Parts for the electronic experimenter.

Crystal Radio Supply and Ham Radio Supply


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Radio Kits

For Sale Simple Crystal Radio Kits Buy all the electronic parts needed to make a simple crystal radio set. Mounting board is not included. These Simple Crystal Radio Kits (Xtal Radio Kit ) requires some soldering so to assemble. Adult supervision is advised. The Simple Crystal Radio Kit Circuit Diagrams and Schematics and plains can be found on the above link site.


For Sale MK484 IC's And Radio Kits For sale MK484 Am Radio IC. Also TA7642, YS414, UTC7642, CD7642 etc. The MK484 is a AM Radio Band Receiver looks like a 3 pin TO-92 Plastic case transistor. These Radio Kits are about as easy to build as a crystal radio. Many Amateur Radio and Ham Radio enthusiasts like experimenting with this basic Tuned Radio Frequency ( TRF ) radio.

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For Sale Crystal Radio Supplies
Components and Parts

 We are a Supplier of Litz Wire And Enameled Magnet Wire

PVC Hookup Wire for Oat Box Crystal Radios

Also Kynar Wire In Stock

Check out the two Coil Inductance and Coil Resonance Calculators


Buy Here Litz Wire For sale Litz Wire. We have one of the largest selection of stocked Litz Wire for the hobbyist we know of in the 44 AWG and 46 AWG range. Also new sizes now in stock in the 38 AWG and 40 AWG sizes. All sizes of the Litz Wire are in stock. High Quality low price Litz Wire. Litz Wire is used for Loop Antennas and High "Q" Litz Wire Crystal Radio coils. They also find use in transformers, and some Tesla Coils. The smaller wire count Litz Wire is used for Tonearm wiring.

Enameled Copper Magnet Wire, PVC Insulated Hookup Wire For sale Enameled Copper Magnet Wire and PVC Hookup Wire the 24awg is good for Oatmeal Box Crystal Radio Kits.

Buy Kynar Wire Here For sale Silver plated Kynar Wire many colors, used for wire wrapping, make coils and mods to Xbox, PS2, PS3 and Nintendo. The eye candy of wire.

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Diodes, Fahnestock Clips, Resistors

BAT-46 Schottky Barrier Diode For sale BAT46 Silicon diode actually has a lower forward breakdown voltage than germanium diodes at 1ma. Another Crystal Radio part the BAT46 should work good in Crystal Radio Sets ( Xtal Radio Sets ). The Schottky type diodes are becoming ever popular in many Amateur Radio and Ham Radio "Do It Yourself" circuits.

1N450 Germanium Diode Sylvania Antique Germanium Diodes for sale. Jazz up the look of your crystal radio with an antique diode.

1N34A Germanium Diode   For sale 1N34A Germanium Diode. The 1N34A is the most popular germanium diode used as the detector in Crystal Radio Sets.  This Crystal Radio component is known as crystal diode detector and so the term ( Crystal Diode Radio ). These are 1N34A point contact Germanium Diodes. Found in many Crystal Radio, Ham Radio and Amateur Radio sets, used as a detector diode and mixer. Also many DIY Guitar sound effect circuits.

1N60 Germanium Diode For sale 1N60 Germanium Diode another Crystal Radio part. This Crystal Radio component 1N60 germanium diode is also called a crystal diode detector diode and is used in Crystal Radio Sets ( Xtal Radio Sets ) very sensitive . Another diode used by Hams and Amateurs and in Crystal Radios for detecting and mixing applications. Another diode used in Guitar sound effect circuits.

1N270 Germanium Diode For sale 1N270 Germanium Diode another popular germanium detector diode (crystal diode). This component be used in Crystal Radio Sets ( Xtal Radio Sets ). A little more hefty diode used in Guitar Sound Effects and Crystal Radio, Ham Radio and Amateur Radio applications.

1N277 Germanium Diode For sale 1N277 Germanium Diode another popular germanium detector diode or (crystal diode) used as a component in Crystal radios. Highest rated Germanium Diode I sell. Used in Crystal Radios, Ham Radios and Amateur Radios as a detector diode. Guitar sound effects.

Buy here Fahnestock Clips, Solder Lugs, 47K Resistors and .001uf Capacitors For sale Fahnestock Clips and 47K Resistors, .001uf capacitors and Solder Lugs. Various Crystal Radio Set parts.

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Headphones and Earphones

Buy here Ceramic Earphone For Sale High Impedance Ceramic Earphone with 20 million ohms resistance. This Ceramic Earphone or Crystal Radio Earpiece is needed for Crystal Radio sets ( Xtal Radio Sets). This crystal radio component is also sold as Piezoelectric Earphones, Crystal Earphones and Crystal Radio Earpieces. I now have for sale the Crystal Earphone ( Piezo Earphone ) with 1/8 inch diameter plug end.

Buy here High Impedance Headphones For sale 2000 Ohm High Impedance Headphones. These are Magnetic Headphones and have an Impedance of 2000 Ohms. A favorite with many Ham Radio and Amateur Radio operators. Also good for Crystal Radio Receivers.

Buy Here Ceramic High Impedance Headphone Piezoelectric 20 Million Ohm Resistance Ceramic Headphones. The were made special for me from a manufacturer of Headphones, they are not the homemade types sold elsewhere. These Piezo Headphones are not Antique or Vintage , they are factory fresh new Headphones. These work great with Crystal Radios and any circuit or device calling for a Ceramic type Earphone.

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Ferrite Loopstick Antenna Coils

Buy here Loopstick Antenna Coil For Sale Now I have three part sizes of Ferrite Loopstick Antenna Coils ( Crystal Radio Coils ) for sale 788uh Ferrite Coil with center tap and tap at 10 turns and 680uh with tap at 470uh. I also have a round rod 680uh ferrite coil with no taps. Many Ham Radio and Amateur Radio DIY possibilities.

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Variable Capacitors

Check out the new item Dual 0-335pf and 0-20pf Poly Variable Capacitors. 4 Gangs.

More Crystal Radio Parts, Components, Resources

Buy here 384 pf Variable Capacitor For sale part 384pf Air Variable Capacitor A hard to find Crystal Radio component. Used by DIY Amateur Radio and Ham Radio and Crystal Radio Set Kit  builders.

Buy here 60/141pf Plastic Variable Capacitor For sale Small dual section 60/141pf plastic variable capacitor. Known as Polyvaricon type capacitor. You can connect both sections together for 201pf. For Crystal Radio, Ham Radio and Amateur Radio "DO It Yourself" circuit builders find these useful.

Buy here 266pf dual section small plastic Variable Capacitor. For sale another Polyvaricon Small dual section 0-266pf variable capacitor. Can be connected for 0-532pf. Used by Ham radio and Crystal Radio kit builders. ( Xtal Radio Kit ). Crystal Radio, Ham Radio and Amateur Radio operators use these in many circuits like tuners for Loop Antennas and other DIY circuits.

Buy Here Dual  335PF and 20pf Plastic Variable Capacitor For Sale four gang Polyvaricon Variable Capacitor 2 sections 0-335pf and 2 sections 0-20pf. Can be connected for up to 710pf. This small Plastic Variable Capacitor will find many uses in Crystal Radio, Ham Radio and Amateur Radio DIY circuits and of course in crystal radios and loop antennas.

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Trimmer Capacitors

Trimmer Capacitors For sale Trimmer capacitors 6mm and ceramic 5mm dia. Values range from 10pf - 70pf. Several different values for Ham Radio or Amateur Radio fine tuning.

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Broadband RF Amplifier

Preamplifier Active Antenna Booster

RF Preamplifier For sale Pre RF preamplifier for people who do not have room for 100ft antenna.  Designed for Crystal radio sets ( Xtal Radio Sets ). Can be used on almost any Crystal Radio Receiver and AM radios with various connection options.

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LED's  For sale Super Bright LEDS's 12,000 mcd Output Maximum. Also I have an assortment pack of 20 regular LED's.

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NE602AN New Never Used For sale Very rare NE602AN 8 PIN DIP get some while they last. Pin For Pin compatible with the SA602 , SA602A , SA602AN , NE612 , NE612A , NE612AN , SA612 , SA612A, SA612AN only the NE602 . This is found in many older Ham and Amateur Radios.

SA602AN RF Mixer IC For sale SA602AN NEW 8 PIN DIP Replacement for the NE602, NE602A, NE602AN Pin for Pin compatible with the NE612 series and also replaces the NE612, NE612A, NE612AN series. The newer replacement for the NE602AN used Ham Radios and Amateur Radios and many circuits needing an RF Amplifier and Mixer.

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Amplifiers Audio

LM386 Audio Amp For sale 386BD Can be used to replace LM386N-1, LM386N-3, LM386N-4 8 Pin Dip good for battery powered projects. Rated for 1000 Mw. LM386

LM741 Operational Amplifier  For sale the popular LM741 Op Amp same as UA741 actual number marking LM741CN . LM741C LM 741. The LM741 is in an 8 pin dip package.

LM1458 Dual LM741 Operational Amplifier For sale Another popular Op Amp LM1458. This is a dual version of the LM741. The LM1458 is in an 8 pin dip package.

LM324 Quad Operational Amplifier For sale the LM324 has 4 independent amplifiers in a 14 pin dip package. The LM324 does not need a split power supply to work.

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Transistors and Jfet's

Transistors and Fet's For sale NPN PN2222A, 2N3904, 2N4401, 2N2222A, 2N2222, MPF102 JFET, 2N3819 JFET, J309 JFET J310 Jfet KPS10 1Ghz RF transistor same as MPSH10, 2SC2498 3500 Mhz To-92. PNP 2N3906, PN2907A, 2N4403 , Now I sell 2N2222 TO-18 Case.

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Mosfet Transistors

VN10KM For sale new old stock VN10KM Mosfet good for RF Amplifiers to 150Mhz. Can be used for controlling relays, solenoids and audio amplifiers. Rated 1/2 amp continuous. Older Ham Radio and Amateur Radio circuits use this amplifier.

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Dual Gate Mosfet Transistors

40673 Dual Gate MosFet For sale New old stock 40673 dual gate (DG) mosfet transistors at a super low price of $5.98 each. Compare the 40673 transistor at $7.00 to $11.95 elsewhere. Buy the 40673 Dual gate Transistors while they last. Really popular in Ham Radio and Amateur Radio circuits and equipment but is now no longer made.

BF981 Dual Gate VHF Mosfet For sale BF981 dual gate mosfet transistor is in a X- package. The BF981 used in Ham Radios and Amateur Radios and different circuits as a RF Amplifier and up converter or down converter (Mixer)

3SK88 Dual Gate Mosfet Transistor For sale 3SK88 dual gate VHF mosfet transistor is in an X package. The 3SK88 used for Up-Converters or Down-Converters (Mixers) and RF Amplifiers.

MFE201 Dual Gate Mosfet Transistor  For sale MFE201 dual gate transistor is a replacement for the 3N201. The MFE201 has a four pin out TO-72 Metal case. Get some while they last. The MFE201 another RF Amplifier and Mixer found in and used by many Ham Radio and Amateur Radio circuits and Radios.

BF960 Dual Gate Mosfet For sale BF960 dual gate mosfet transistor is in a X case and is good to 900 Mhz. The BF960 finds uses in RF Amplifiers and Mixers and used by Ham Radio and Amateur Radio circuit builders.

BF961 Dual Gate Mosfet For sale BF961 dual gate mosfet transistor is in a X case and is good to 300 Mhz. The BF961 found in many Ham Radios and Amateur Radios as an RF Amplifier and or mixer.

BF998 Dual Gate Mosfet Transistor  For sale This BF998 is a very tiny 3mm X 1.4mm package surface mount Dual Gate Mosfet Transistor good as an amp up to 1 GHz. BF998 is the same as BF988 only the package is different. Super tiny Ham Radio Part used as RF Amplifiers and Mixers.

3N211 Dual Gate Mosfet For sale New old stock 3N211. Often used to upgrade receivers due to its high gain and low noise. Very Rare and ounce very popular device for RF Amplifiers and up-converters and down-converters (Mixers).

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Tuning Diodes

MVAM109 For sale this is a new MVAM109 old stock Varactor Diode used to tune the AM broadcast band. The MVAM109 Tuning Diode has a range of about 20pf to 450pf. The MVAM109 Varactor Tuning Diodes are no longer made if you have a project using them get them while you can. The MVAM109 are being sold for less than the newer replacement part. Used in many Ham Radio and Amateur Radio circuits mostly for remote tuning of Loop-Antennas.

MVAM108 For sale this MVAM108 is a very rare item. These are new old stock items. This MVAM108 Varacitor is used the same way as the MVAM109 but has it full capacitance range using 8 volts instead of 9 volts. The MVAM108 Tuning Diode has a capacitance of around 20pf to 450pf . The MVAM108 Varacitor Tuning Diode is used to tune the AM broadcast range. The MVAM108 diodes are being sold for less than the replacement part. These MVAM108 diodes are no longer being made. Used in many Ham Radio and Amateur Radio circuits mostly for remote tuning of Loop-Antennas.

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Silicon Diodes

1N914  For sale Silicon Diode for people who want original part numbers. 1N914

JAN 1N3190 Diode For sale these were made for the military back in 1968-1969. They have not been made since 1969. They meet military spec Mil-S-19500. Metal case used in lots of military devices in the late 60's. If you need them buy up now. JAN1N3190 1N3190

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LM3914 Led Driver

LM3914 For sale the LM3914 is a display driver that turns on 1 to 10 outputs in sequence in response to a voltage input. The LM3914 has two modes Bar or Dot. Great for making Led VU meters or volt meters. The outputs are made to drive Leds however they can turn on transistors or discrete devices. LM3914N LM3914N-1

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Clock IC's

MM5369 For sale 5369, MM5369, MM5369AA, MM5369AAN, MM5369AA/N,  very rare and hard to find precision 60 cycle square wave generator. Produces a precision 60 cycle square wave from a common color burst crystal. Only 8 pins and easy to use. I sell for about 1/3 of others who sell this part. I sell parts for 60Hz and 50Hz output.

CD4045BE For sale Precision timer. This is an super precision clock chip. The CD4045 is crystal controlled and divides each second by 2.097152 Million times. Unlike most clock devices that divides each second by 32 thousand times. The CD4045-BE can also be driven by an external oscillator for extremely long time delays. The CD4045 also has dual complimentary outputs and will operate from 5 to 15 volts.

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Timer IC's

LM555CN For sale LM555 Great 555 Timer chip. 4.5-16volts and about 50% more power handling than most other 555 chips. LM555 LM555CN

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Voltage Regulators

7805 1 Amp Voltage Regulator For sale these are actually LM7805A. 7805 7805A

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8086 and 8086-2 Microprocessor For sale 8086 Cpu and 8086-2 Processor these are a very rare and hard to find item for sale 16 bit buss . The 8086 is a 5 MHz Microprocessor  and the 8086-2 Micro processor is 8 MHz. Both are 40 Pin Dip Package. 8086 Processor and the 8086-2 Cpu THESE ARE NEW OLD STOCK NEVER BEEN USED.

8088 , 8088-1 , 8088-2 , 80C88-2 For sale 8088 Cpu and 8088-2 and 8088-1 Processor these are a very rare and hard to find item for sale 16 bit buss . The 8088 is a 5 MHz Microprocessor and the 8088-2 and 80C88-2 CMOS Micro processor is 8 MHz and 8088-1 is 10Mhz.. Both are 40 Pin Dip Package. 8088 8088-1 8088-2 Processor and the 80C88-2 Cpu THESE ARE NEW OLD STOCK NEVER BEEN USED.

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           For those who like to design and build there own Crystal Radio set ( Xtal Radio Set ) we sell the parts (1N34A Diode, Ceramic Earphone, Piezoelectric Earphone ).

            Building Crystal Radio Kits ( Crystal Diode Radio Kits ) are a great way to introduce young people to electronics. My kits are easy to build and Crystal Radios do not use external power sources other than an antenna and ground. The principles of a Crystal Radio Sets operation are not hard to understand.


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Science Fair Crystal Radio Projects

        Building Crystal Radios have been very popular as a Science Fair Project for years. A Crystal Radio Science Fair Project teaches many fundamentals of electronics. Many parents built Crystal Radios as there Science Fair projects when they were in school and want there children to build a Crystal Radio Set and enjoy all the fun they had learning how the Crystal Radio Set worked.

       If you are thinking of building a Crystal Radio Kit as a Science Fair project then our Simple Crystal Radio Kits are a good choice. Our Simple Crystal Radio Kits come with all the components needed to make the Crystal Radio Receiver. Optional components are the Knobs, Fahnestock clips. The mounting boards and Antenna and Ground Wires are not included.

       If you want to build a more elaborate Crystal Radio Science Fair Project maybe winding your own Crystal Radio Coils like the Quaker Oat Box Crystal Radio then you can purchase some of the hard to find Crystal Radio Parts here from our wide variety of Crystal Radio Resources and Components like Crystal Radio Earpieces. Some Quaker Oat Meal Box Crystal Radio Supplies I sell are magnet wire and Solder Lugs.

I will also be making my own type of Oat Box Crystal Radios later on this year. My Oatmeal Box Crystal Radio will not require the taps on the coil and my Oat Box Crystal Radio work better and be easier to make than the other types of Oatmeal Box Crystal Radios on the internet now.

 Email me if you have any questions on what to purchase for your Crystal Radio Project. Quaker Oat Box Crystal Radios supplies can be purchased here.

            Learning how to build a Crystal Radio is a great way for anyone to get started in the electronic field. Great for Science Fair Projects and Boy Scout projects. The Simple Crystal Diode Radio Sets we have for sale are a fun way for the family to spend time together. As a child I made Crystal Radio Receivers out of things I find in old scrapped Radios and TVs. Most had no tuning capacitors. I had to tune in stations by sliding a ferrite rod in and out of the tuning coil. I would spend days trying different items to use as a detector instead of a diode, some worked but most did not. Anyway I had fun learning. Buy one of our Crystal Radio Kits for hours of fun and learning.

Please visit our friends over at Peebles Originals for additional Crystal Radio information, kits and parts http://www.peeblesoriginals.com/

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