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Guitar   Tabz

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**Guitar Tabz** **Guitar Tabz** **Guitar Tabz**
Let's start With Some Basics. A Note That's Played Without Touching Any Frets Is Call An open note.
Look At Your Guitar When Holding it like you would play, than pretend the string closest to the ground is string #1 & the next one is string #2 & so on.
The First Note We'll Talk About is "B". B Is An Open Note So You Don't Have To Hold ANy Frets. Just Stroke the #2 String & you just played a "B".
The Next Is "G". Just Stroke The 3rd String & you played "G".
That's How You Play All Open Notes So Here's a Chart Telling Each String:

String 1=High E
String 2=B
String 3=G
String 4=A
String 5=D
String 6=Low E
I'll Explain Some other notes soon!
~Guitar Tabz~