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Beltmann before he got a haircut. He believes in buzzing one's hair now. It's low-maintenance.

Welcome to the only site which chronicles the interesting, ongoing life of Eric Beltmann, a man of many words. An English teacher in West Bend, Wisconsin, he would hope to inspire students, though he ceases to make some seem respectable, however they can always serve as good conversation, always entertaining Beltmann.

But, enough about them; this is a site about one man only, Eric Beltmann. Perhaps it's just a means for she and her internet friend Danny to screw around, but that's alright too. We can always find something fun to do, or some pointless idea to entertain. Most of these involve Beltmann in some ironic and/or demented way.


Beltmann after he got his haircut. As you see his haircut is shorter, and he's got some snazzy glasses to make him look super smart.
Beltmann, commonly referred to as Belto by many of his relations, is thirty years old, and an avid filmgoer, critiquing films for He used to write for the West Bend Daily, but this'll have to do, right? Only the inspiration of the man could explain his sudden halt in output. Nevertheless, he usually manages to see more than ten movies a week, which is quite the accomplishment. All that staring can cause one to have cataracts, and such. But, no matter, it is the greatness of this filmgoer that is truly wonderful. Why else would he be so admirable.

So, we hope that you enjoy this site of sorts, containing poetry, thoughts of Beltmann, contributions of drawings of the man, and much more. Remember to sign the guestbook and regularly stop by the forum for uneducated discussion on the rather brilliant figure. Thank you very, very much for actually reading this whole stupid rant of pure mediocrity, but hey, at least I've entertained myself.