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Revolutionary Sustainable Building & Energy Related Products EMEGA FOAM and ICF (Insulated Concrete Form Manufacturing Systems)
ICF Manufacturing System -

Insulated Concrete Form Construction using Soy-Based Polyurethane

Insulated concrete foam construction (ICF) uses building units shaped into blocks or panels that have cavities in their interior. The units are usually constructed from plastic foam and are assembled into the shape of a building's exterior wall. Steel reinforcing bars are place vertically and horizontally within the form, and the cavity is then filled with concrete. Unlike traditional form work that uses steel, aluminum, or plywood, ICFs are left in place after the concrete hardens. The foam forms produce several inches of insulation on both sides of the internal concrete structure. The end-product is a wall that is solid, strong and super energy efficient.

Why Small-Scale Manufacturing
Small scale manufacturers are those who are non-resource based generally employing less than 50 people. EMEGA Technologies focuses on these manufacturers because their capital investment requirements are modest. It is a growth sector nationally and internationally and is viable in rural communities throughout the world.

Global trends in manufacturing processes and advances in transportation systems favor small flexible manufacturers. It provides stable year-round employment opportunities, and creates in smaller communities a cost competitive environment in which to operate.

Paradigm Shift in Housing
The need for sustainable house throughout the country and the world is tremendous. The rising cost of lumber and labor to build homes are to the point of being unaffordable. In addition to the cost factors, there are issues of fire safety, earthquake, weather, catastrophes, and environmental sustainability.

The Genesis of the EMEGA Block
The core concept would be to create a low cost easily transportable manufacturing system to produce an environmentally sustainable building system. The system should utilize a non-petroleum based building material (soy-based polyurethane) used in conjunction with concrete which is found throughout the world and has been proven to be an exceptionally fine building material. The system should be easily assembled by individuals who are not skilled in the construction art. The EMEGA mould system has achieved this.

Our EMEGA foam block manufacturing system can be used onsite to manufacture EMEGA building blocks. Call 740-746-9623 or 614-419-4563 for details and pricing. See a building constructed with our EMEGA Foam ICF system.
Our ICF Manufacturing System comes with the foaming machine and 2 quick release moulds. It can be customized to your needs.Patent is pending on the ICF Manufacturing System, thus a complete system is not shown.

Dealer inquiries accepted.

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