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My self 


Real name: Doctor-Joe Khosa


Age: 20


Star-sign: Sagittarius


Marital status: single


Hobbies: playing computer games, soccer, programming and watching movies.


Fact file: Joe was born in Giyani. He lives with his parents, one younger brother and sister and one brother. He has a great love for computers and he is currently doing course related to computers that is computer science. He hopes to be a programmer soon programming for a big company.


Favorite musicians: R Kelly, Joe, Celion Dion, Oskido and many guys playing house music.


Canít live without: Guidance, girl friend and God.


How do you relax: going to the computer lab and chat, program and many more that can be done with a computer.


Describe your dress style: I wear jean, T-shirt and some tekkies. My favorite label is Leviís and I wear sports wear.


What is in your bag: diskette, tissue, Cell phone and any programming book.


Cell phone: Nokia 6110


Cell number: 083 9534 807


Do you buy or receive presents: both


------------------------------------------That is all about me------------------------------------