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Life in tertiary 





Note: if you are reading this site in the year 2004 your tenses will be (was) and 2003 (is)


My first tertiary institution to attend Was/is University of the north. I started to attend in this university in the year 2003. It was my last choice I wanted to go to university of natal as a 1st choice and wits university as a second choice. University of the north was not even my 3rd choice but my very last one. The reason why am here is because of financial. One can ask financial how? The answer is financial in the way that I didnít have money to travel to Durban. Petersburg was very near to my place so I didnít have that much problem. A bout wits, it was still far as well. Ok that was the reason why am here at this university.Since every thing happens to plans i thing thatwas God's plan for me to be there coz there are lot of staffs which happened whille i was there like getting some bursaries.


Let us look at life there.


Life was not that much complicated, unlike at Kheto nxumayo (if you was to know about life in Kheto you can go to life at high school). There was this guy Mr.Chavalala my former teacher this guy was doing his masters so he use to come with money, food, and etc from home. Life was not that much difficult.





Academically am telling you I was excelling like no bodyís business. There was this friend of mine Olorunda from Nigeria we use to help each other so we were both excelling. My best course was applied mathematics. Ok during my 1st level of study I was doing four courses: math, applied math, computer science and statistics.


Social life


There is no much to say here I was not enjoying this part I was still copying with the environment. :p>




My best friend there a girl name Roleta. This girl man was so good to me. She was acting as my sister while at the other hand she was a friend. she was every thing to me. I never meet someone like her and I do not think I will meet someone like her again. I really like that girl am crazy about her. So that is all about life there.


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