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Life in high school

I have started my high school level in 1998 the name of the school was Ndhambi high school. I attended this school from 1998-1999. During the year 1999 I was doing my grade 9. There was some external exams which was written by then, where ten best students in mathematics and science were selected. I was one of them. I was selected with one of my best friend whom I will talk about him not so long. I manage to pass these exams. They selected us with my friend and some other guys whom I do not want to talk about them. I and my friend we were selected to go to the same school Kheto Nxumayo high school. Life was not yet started in my 1st high school. I have experienced real life in Kheto nxumayo.


----------------------------------It start like this----------------------------------------


The year 2000


During this year I was doing my grade 10. We were staying in the hostel with my friend. I forgot to tell you that Kheto was a boarding school. We were room mates. During this year we /I did not meet some difficulties. Every thing was smooth.

At the end of this year we passed our exams with flying colors


---------------------------------The end of 2000-------------------------------------------


The year 2001


We were both doing our grade 11 during this year. I wonít talk much about this year coz am interested in the year 2002. At the end of this year we also passed our exams with flying colors.


-------------------------------The end of 2001-------------------------------------------


The year 2002


This is the year I wonít forget in my life a lot of things happened during this year [2002]. I donít even know where to start.


The first thing which happened to us is the closing of the hostels. We have meet so difficulties bearing in mind that we were independent, we were living on our own we have to take our own decision. But for this case there was my dad on our sight. I was not having some relatives in Giyani where Kheto was. The thing is I was given a option to choose to go home or to be a day scholar. So I decided to be a day scholars. Vincentís mom thought of taking us to P/burg in the school called Marobathoto. But she failed cos of many things, were kind of mixed without knowing what to do.

But am glad the solution came. The solution was, there was this business man in our village he was having old one roomed house in the location section f. He was my dadís friend, so dad went to talk to him the Man of God easily agreed. One thing about dad he didnít want us to go back home and attend there I donít know the reason but we wanted to, cos there were our girls there we wanted to check them as we didnít have enough time tom chat with them but unfortunately we were forced to attend. We stayed there traveling approximately 4kilos to our school. We didnít last cos I didnít ever like traveling so we forced them to look for some other places. We stayed in section E we didnít last cos I didnít like walking long distances.


Ok there was this guy from home he was working in the school farm. Usually these guys were given these small houses called [Nkoponi] we stayed there we were not having any choice but to stay. Remember we were doing our grade 12 by then. Student class mates were laughing at us we didnít mind them coz we knew where we coming from and where we were going.


Life in nkoponi††


life was not very good in this place the first thing was I was having a lot of friends which were girls not girl friend, and I was good very good in math so they use to come there and need my assistance so I didnít want them to come there cos we were going to be spoiled there.


About the cookingís


I was good in cooking head and fetes as well as cubage. My friend was good in grinding cabbage. I was also good in cooking pap. This is some kind of food we use to eat.

Dad use to come with sweat potatoes of course I was good in cooking them cos I use to at home. My friend now he sends me e-mails reminding me about the garbage and so on.


-----------------------That is all about the cooking---------------------------------------




We were given this small room you can get the picture below though am not good in art



Here is the room††






I donít have much to say coz my tears can just come out now. You can just see the picture your self. I will link the original picture. You will see it.


But we manage to pass our exams with flying colors you can check my metric results below unfortunately am not allowed to put my friendís results


Here are they





































These are the results


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