Cooper's Radio Service

425 Court St. Rockwell City, Ia.  50579

Larry Cooper - (712)-297-7232


Service Hours 

Monday - Friday

9:00 - 5:00 CST

Other Times By Chance

Over 60 Years of Experience & Quality Service  


       Repair All

           Makes And Models

       Radios For Sale

       Antiques For Sale

       Antique Car Radio

           Repair & Restoration

         Additional Services:

               Refinishing Cabinets

               Speaker Repair

               Tube Sales



               Reproduction Knobs

                 & Dials

Special Attention Paid to Detail and Customer Satisfaction.

All Radios Restored To Original Condition, Unless Knobs, Grillcloth, or Dials Need Replacement. 

Replacements and/or Reproduction Replacements Available.  Extensive Repairs Require Time to Complete.

Cooper's Radio Repair & Larry Cooper, Featured in the Winter 1992 Edition of 


 Volume 41, Number 2.  Pages 42-47, 67


Updated 06/03/03

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