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Shop for extreme micro bikinis, mini kini string bikini, microkini swimwear, monokini swimsuit, a mono kini, no coverage bottoms, super sexy gstrings, extreme see thru thong, or a sheer crotchless hot see through gstring.

Browse for the broadest selection of sexy bikinis, monokini swimwear, string thongs and sexy g-strings, micro kini string bikini, and full coverage tops, crotchless thongs and chip bikini sets, bun hugger shorts and open breasted bikini tops, extreme one-piece monokinis and flattering brazilian style designs. Each mono kini bikini style is available in a variety of colors and fabrics. The sexy bikini tops, bottoms, shorts and skirts are designed to be mixed and matched.

Sexy micro bikinis, mini bikini, microkini swimwear, a skimpy mono kini, no coverage string bottoms, super sexy gstrings, extreme see through thong, or a sheer crotchless hot g-string are
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The very latest in exotic bikinis or erotic thong swimwear, microkini and other sexy bathing suits are just a click away. With more than 100 styles and many, many colors to choose from, designer bikinis that are affordable and unique.

Bikini Swimwear Bottom Fit Information

No back coverage. Very adjustable and fits to most sizes, for more coverage select thong swimwear. This refers to a swimsuit that is scantier and more revealing than the traditional bikinis. Rather than featuring a full single piece bottom, the swimsuit consists of two triangular shaped pieces but not at the sides, where a thin fabric wraps around the waist connecting the two parts. The tops are similar and are tied in place by the attached fabric pieces.
Minimal back coverage and low front dip. This coverage is typical of a Swimsuit Thong.
These offer some back coverage and dip just below the belly button. If are not daring enough to wear a Thong, this is a good balance.
These offer more back coverage than a Tonga and dip just below the belly button. This is a good compromise for someone who is buying a sexy swimsuit. Not as daring as a G-String, or as bold as a Thong, yet a full fashion to wear.
Full Coverage with shape-it-seam in the rear. Seam is meant to shape and lift the rear-end. This is our most popular bottom and compliments many figures.
Provides the most coverage, for active women.

Sometimes referred to as a unikini, - mono kini - a term used for one-piece swimsuits, which all have in common that they are inspired by the bikini. Many styles are designed as the ultimate in sexy swimwear, using chains, and strategic strips of fabric to join the upper and lower portions of the suit while still covering the basics and are a revealing style of swimsuit.

This Is an extremely skimpy form of bikini or women's two-piece swimsuit, designed to cover only the minimum required parts of a wearer's body. Typically, a microkini - mono kini - is narrow thong or g-string bottomed swimsuits with very narrow strips of material. These designs are so minimalist that they make conventional thong-back bathing suits look conservative by comparison and fill a niche between nudism and conservative swimwear.

Use our exclusive "Shop By Style" feature to find exactly what you're looking for quickly and easily. Click on the picture of what you want and you'll instantly see our entire inventory of swimwear in that particular style! We design, manufacture and photograph all our sexy bikini swimwear styles in Los Angeles. You've see our sexy micro bikinis on calendars, posters and the girl next door - and even on the porn star next door! Now it's time for you to get own sexy swimwear.

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