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I started getting so many Links for Metal Detecting pages, that I felt they wouldn't fit onto the first page.  So I've moved them here.  I've also classified them into four different groups, Web pages , Forums, Research, and Reference.

Web pages
Mike's Cz Page
Beach Nutz Metal Detecting Page
Craner's Relic Web Page
Coinist's Web$ite
I.T.T.H.C. main webpage
Lost Treasure Online
Academy of Beach Hunting
*DigginRelics* Metal Detecting Homepage Fisher Research Laboratories

TreasureNet Forum
Treasure Depot
The Treasure Spot
I.T.T.H.C. message forum
Find's Treasure forums
Treasure Quest XLT NVRHA board Michigan Treasure Hunters club website

Coins, Buttons, and other objects
Solidvs Nvmismatiqve
Button Backmarks
The Civil War Bullet Collecting Association
Chinese Coins & Dynasties
Chronology of Canadian Coins
Collecting U.S. Tokens
Colonial Coins
Forrest's Token Page
The Civil War Bullet Collecting Association Counterfeit British Coppers

Sites to hunt
Microsoft Terraserver
USGS GNIS website
North American Fortifications
Defunct Amusement Parks
Ghost Towns
TopoZone Maps
Historical Map and Chart Collection
David Rumsey Map Collection
Detroit Publishing Company - Turn of the Century photos
United States Digital Map Library
Bird's-Eye Panoramic Maps
Railroad Atlases of North America
Locate Account Exec's for Sanborn Maps

Silver hallmarks
More Silver  hallmarks
American Silver hallmarks
Land of Marbles
Pocket watch Information
Play Money of American Children Oddball measurements British Jewelry Hallmarks Ornate Caligraphy Shotgun Headstamps Fraternal Organization Lists "Reference Desk" Facts Subject Index Chronology of US Historical Documents Public Records Play Money of American Children Defunct Amusement Parks US Patent & Trademark Office Bayonet Collection Presentation Riverboats, Steamboats, Sternwheelers, and Sidewheelers

Related websites

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