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Here's an analysis of the coins I found this year:
Clad total for 2002:  $192.02
Number of hunts:  252.
Average 76 in clad per outing.
Average 1 older coin every two hunts.

Here is a listing of most of the goodies I found for 2002.

All gold items total weight:  4g
All silver items total weight:  46g
0.4g 10K gold earring (1)
0.8g 10K gold earring (2)
0.7g  10K gold dolphin earring
1.2g 10K gold ring with "Knot" effigy
2.25g "Nike" gold ring , marked .417 (10K)

a STER ring with a turquoise butterfly effigy
a 925 silver ring
925 ring with heart dangle (found right after Valentine's Day)
gold-plated silver bracelet
925 heart with yellow and rose gold rose leaves
a silver ring
a STERLING crucifix
925 "MEX" chain with heart pendant
925 crucifix
Broken STERLING ring ( top ) ( bottom )
a STERLING  snake ring
STERLING silver ring
STERLING man's ring with "Military Police" on the crest
STERLING pendant

IH Pennies:  1885 , 1893 , 1895 , 1901 , 1903 , 1906 , 1907  
125 Wheat's for 2002
Buffalo nickels: 1924 , 1935
"War" nickel  
Silver Dimes: 1911D , 1915 Barbers, 1919 , 1928 , 1942 , 1943 , 1944 Mercuries, 1950D, 1954, 1964D rosies
a 1942 Washington quarter
8 OK 1 mill tax tokens
prayer token
a Tulsa City Lines transit token , "Good for one school fare"
Copper ring
a pair of old wedding bands, from a ghost town
a Coal Tag for the Kala Inla Coal Co.
4 Coal Tags
My first Tootsie Toy car, a Fiat Abarth
A Tootsie Toy (?) Corvette Stingray
A "Solid Brass" swimming belt buckle
1937 Dog tag
a "Skull" premium ring from the '60's.
a smoke grenade ?!?!?!
a "milk glass" cosmetic jar
a religious medallion  (before) (after)
a " play dime "
a Grover Cleveland presidential token
oddly-shaped token of some sorts, possibly IPE oil-related
AA "1 month recovery" token
"Chief Pontiac" GMC token
$1.00 Red Goose Shoes token
a " Play Nickel "
a "Kombo Systems" token, used for pay-toilets
"Junior Pilot" American Airlines premium ring
two brass tags with the number 03210 (telephone pole tags?)
a Marlboro Money clip
Good Luck token
"Play Money" Half Dollars (1) (2) (3)
an 18KGE ring (gold plate over silver?)
1964 Mexican 10 Centavo coin
a small heart locket
an Ax head
AA 6 month token
"Good For $1.00" token for Bell Tailoring
St. Christopher keychain fob
lock-blade knife
small brass padlock with key in lock
rope-style bracelet (brass?), tested, it's not gold
rabies vaccination dog tag
Masonic Mutual Accident Co. key fob 
Michigan Dog License 1984
silver-plated premium ring with saddle motif
rose tags
religious pendant
unicorn pendant
Jackson City Lines "Good For One Fare" transit token
" Junior Police " Badge
Religious pendant
junk brooch with many fake stones
a token for a New Orleans hotel
"Gold Medal" play nickel
18K HGE ring
medallion or fob from A.O.U.W. ( Ancient Order of United Workmen )
another 18K HGE ring
braided ring (unmarked silver?)
1930 Canadian small cent

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