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Do you want to have your own web page?

Melissa can give that to you! Whether you prefer plain & simple or jazzed up with moving words and pictures, Melissa can do it for you! There are so many web pages out there... Why not make yours special by having it designed by Melissa?

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Currently I offer 3 packages to meet your website needs. These packages are based on Melissa designing and customizing your page.

Package One:[Sample] Website design by Melissa, Including up to 6 pictures, 3 "special words", guestbook, and counter $15.00
Package Two:[Sample] Website design by Melissa, Including up to 12 pictures, 6 "special words", guestbook, and counter. $25.00
Website design by Melissa, Including up to 12 pictures, 6 "special words", 3 "extras", guestbook, and counter. $35.00

Additional Add On 



Picture Each picture is scanned by Melissa  for your web site and sent back to you. A picture can also be considered a gif image or animation. $1.50
"Special Word" An example of a "special word" is above (Add Ons) They are words that have a specialized font, color, and movement. $1.00
"Extras" There are extra things that can be added to your web site to spruce them up and make them a little more eye-appealing. You can see these things throughout my pages. $4.00
Update Any time you need your website updated, you can purchase an update, which will allow you to change some of the words and pictures of your website. $5.00

To order a page- Please just click on the purchase button. Please specify which package you are interested in, if you would like any add-on's and your Email address.You may also Email me if you have any questions!

Currently, you can get Package 1 or Package 2 for free!!! To do so, You can Open a free checking account at When you do, you will get $20.00 in your account for free! Be sure you use as the person who referred you and you will be able to get your page for free. You can then transfer funds electronically immediately. You can send me $10.00 from your free $20 and get Package 1 for FREE! Or you may transfer $20.00 and get Package 2 for FREE! These special prices are only available with this offer.

If you order a page before February 29, 2000 Receive one FREE update!
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