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HAM RADIO INDIA Sanskrit Sloka - What this means!!
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 Indian Red Cross Society, Rajkot 


hamradioindia Editor's Desk


Welcome to Ham Radio India! 


Ham Radio India web site is specially develop to promote ham radio in India & make available information and knowledge to those, not in a position to get it otherwise. Hamradioindia is a non-profit website and expect support from all radio enthusiasts.


Equipment that hams wish to sell or buy.. More..


Learn all about PSK31.. more....


VHF Repeaters in India.. more


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Dinesh Gajjar/VU2FD

Success story of Marconi
Marconi Guglielmo

History of Wireless, Historical stamps & photos

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Origin of the word "HAM"

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Ham Radio India - Web Master - Dinesh Gajjar, VU2FD



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