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The Old Code (mIRC Scripting)
mIRC Scripting

Well the hardest thing about mIRC is trying to figure out what to script first. mIRC Scripting is VERY fun to play with and to just doodle program with.
*NOTE: I am not responcible for misuse of these scripts or adverse affects, USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. To use these scripts, move them to your mirc directory and then load them into your remote scripts.*

Text Highlight
This little tidbit echos text sent by a chatter with your nick in it on the active window with the time sent it was sent, room sent in, person sent by, and the text they sent.

Author: izy
Date Added: 3/30/00
Size: 403b

Download TextHighlight

A basic away script with pager and logger functions. Plays a wav file when paged.   *note: for the script to call the wav properly, move the wav file to your mIRC directory*

Author: izy
Date Added: 3/30/00
Size: 3.92kb

Download Awaysys2.1

When you connect to a IRC server, this script will prompt you to identify by typing in a password. If you don't type the correct password within the specified time it will disconnect the user. If you have anyone that you don't want on your mIRC program then this script is for you.

Author: izy
Date Added: 3/30/00
Size: 0.98kb

Download IDScript

When someone says your nick in a chatroom, your computer will beep 2 times. Very usefull if your away from the computer or if mIRC is minimized.

Author: izy
Date Added: 3/30/00
Size: 286b

Download NickBeep