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    space spaceI have many skills in many different areas. Throuhg my education and work
    experiance I have gained some of them and through my personal endevers I have gained
    even more.
    Carpendry ~  
    space spaceWhen I was young I couldn't get enough of learning how to do things with my hands.
    My grandfather was a carpenter. He had a wood working shop with about ervery tool you  
    could ever need. He tought me how to use these tools and mold wood into what ever shape I  
    wanted it to be. When there where decks, new roofs, or home additons to be built my family  
    pitched in and we all got the job done. I've leared framming, roofing, flooring, drywalling,  
    sidding, insulating, plumbing, electrical, painting, and trimimg.  
    I' have experiance with:  
Large Power Tools Power Hand Tools Hand Tools
Tabel Saw Skill Saw Drill
Radial Arm Saw Ricpricating Saw Stapler
Power Miter Box Drill Chisles
Scroll Saw Neumatic/Eletric Nailer/Stapler Wood Saw
Surface Plainer Neumatic/Eletric Sander Hack Saw
Joiner Neumatic/Eletric Rotery Tools Cooping Saw
Drill Press Neumatic/Eletric Impact Wrench Key Hole Saw
Bench Grinder . Hack Saw
.Lathe   .
    And the list goes on and on. . . .