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Jacob King
10167 S 850 E
Elberfled, IN 47613
Day: 812-385-6846
Evening: 812-795-9632
2003-2005   ITT Tech Newburgh, Indiana
    Associates in Software Applications and Programming.
1997-April 1999   Vincennes University, Vincennes, Indiana
    Associates in Computer Maintenance and Electronics
Computer and    
Electronics Courses:   Computer Maintenance I&II, Computer Electronics I&II,
    Circuit Analyses, Digital Logic I&II, Linear Circuits I&II,
    Video & Receiver Repair, Industrial Electronic Controls,
    Novell Networking, and Web Development
Courses:   Programming in C++ I & II, Visual Basic and GUI Applications, Programming in Java I & II, and Database Development
Feb 2002-Current   Current
    2003 to Current - Programmer: Administration of Telution-COMx(OSS) frontend and database, administration of Sage-SalesLogix frontend and database, custom database reports, crystal reports, custom desktop & web applications, maintance of company website.
Some of the custom applications I have written while at this company include, but are not limited to, an application to submit telephone book entries to SBC, training scheduling application, GL Code managment application, and custom data parsers for telephony and video data.
    2002 to 2003 - Dispatcher: Dispatch technicians into the field to install, disconnect, and repair services as well as acting as their point of contact to the company by assisting with any inquiries.
May 2001-Jan 2002   Telamon Corporation
    Customer Service Representative
    Telephone support of caller ID units, corded caller ID telephones, and cordless caller ID telephone.
May 2000-May 2001   Advanced Designs Corporation
    Doppler Weather Radar Support Technicain
    Technical support of Rockwell Collins Solid State Radars and ADC proprietary Doprad Software for over 100 broadcast stations. This support covered radar receiver/transmitters, 120V 400Hz power supplies for radar receiver/transmitters, rotating/elevating parabolic dishes, cabling, fiber optics, data transfer modems, ADC's proprietary Radar Interface Board, computer hard ware, ADC's proprietary Doprad radar control software. Testing and documentation of the above mentioned component. Assembly, configuration, and setup of PCs. Development and construction of various cables for computers, computer accessories, and radars. Repair of various electronic devices. Database development with MS-Access.
May 1999-Dec. 1999   Advanced Microelectronics Inc.
    Computer Technician, Cummins engine control software tester.
    Repair, service, and upkeep of several customer's computers, networks and printers. Rigorous testing of Cummins Engine hardware and Control software Insite and ESDN.
Mar 1998-May 1999   Vincennes University
    Resident Advisor, Godare Hall
    Advising Halls residents in college matters, up holding the rules of the university, and disciplinary actions.
Aug. 1996-Mar 1997   Oakland City University
    Lab Technician
    Setting up computers, installing software, installing hardware, configuring computers, Fixing computers, assisting Computer Technicians, and maintaining server and workstations. Assisting computer art students and teachers with use of computers,Adobe, Corel, and others.
May 1999   Comp TIA A+ Computer Certification
May 1999   Compaq Deskpro EN/EP Computer Certification
June 1999   Hewlett-Packard LaserJet Essentials
Computer Hardware:
CPU installations, ram installations, drive installations, PCI/ISA/AGP card installations, computer configuration, IRQ conflicts, networking (cabling, conversions, management, ect..), printer repair and servicing, modems, RS232
Computer programming (QBasic, Assembly, C++, Visual Basic, VB.NET, ASP, ASP.NET, PHP, & Java), website and web applicaton development, desktop applicaiton development, database development with SQL Server, MySQL, and Access.
Electronic Hardware:
Circuit building, TTL logic, solid state components, vacuum tubes, circuit trouble shooting, oscilloscope opperation, function generator opperation, building power supplies, surface mount technology, soldering, circuit board etching, use of industrial sensors and switches, AC/DC motor wiring, and use of Micro 84 programmable logic controllers, construction of various cables. Rockwell Collins Doppler Radar setup, repair, and trouble shooting.
Computer Programming, image editing/creation, playing classical instruments, fishing, and camping.