purkey has been in the game for a long time. with the break up of his first band (mongoose) in 1997 in which he played drums, purkey decided to broaden his horizons and set forth toward a new way to create the music that was in his head. creating their own personal studio with jimm getts, he started on the voyage that is known as bhogavati. bhogavati was the experimental solo project that helped vent his frustrations, ideas, and creative inspirations. longing for the group feel again, he hooked up with daniel plague and nic in the summer of 2002, and they became the industrial/avant garde trio, the alchemist faction. they released a cd on purkey and gett's self proclaimed record label siyoku satsu recordings. He also worked with plague, getts and the members of Mrs. Winslow playing venues under the moniker "reaqtir", blasting maddening bass, louder than hell shreiks, and overall chaos. this project came to a close after plague decided to venture out onto his own path.

shortly after, nic, jeff and bryan started writing some songs and practiced while frantically looking for a vocalist. this was when nic approached purkey, and asked if he wanted to start over and create a sound that was like no other. this became the birth of mismo, and the rest is history.

purkey still works on his project bhogavati, but it has since become a back burner expedition. a new cd may happen in a few years depending...

CDs Purkey is currently listening to this month (june):
1. funeral for a friend-seven ways to scream your name
2. coheed and cambria-in keeping secrets of silent earth vol.3
3. deadguy-fixation on a co-worker
4. the cure-wild mood swings
5. thursday-war all the time
6. glassjaw-everything you ever wanted to know about silence
7. refused-the shape of punk to come

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