Nick’s journey through music began in 1994, with the semi-known Maryland punk band Godsperm. Originally started as “an anti-christian punk band”, the group quickly developed into an over the top sexually frustrated teen angst generator, spawning notable songs as “Girls (Screw’em and Leave’em)”, “I Fucked Morrissey”, and “Jesus Popped Her Cherry”. However, with a constant revolving door line up, and the juvenile lyrics wearing old, the group grinded to a slow halt by 1995’s end.

Tinkering with friends for the next few years, (most notably with Lachrymose’s “Rich” in a project called Nipples For Days if you kind find the mp3s) it wouldn’t be until 2000 that Nick would start catatonic_disassembly. Assuming the surname of “nic_disassembly”, catatonic_disassembly looked to stretch the conventions of what a “band” could be. Comprised soley of an Alesis SR-16, a Zoom 234, and nic_ with his guitar, he recorded 2 “demos” of songs (by performing the songs live to a recording dictaphone), and began campaigning for his one-man live band. It wasn’t until 2002 however, when Nick would hook up with Purkey and Siyokusatsu Recordings, that some initial notoriety would begin.

The Alchemist Faction was initially a project of Purkey’s and then Siyokusatsu co-owner Daniel Plague. After a chance meeting one night at a local bar (Purkey and Nick had gone to school together, but hadn’t seen each other for 10 years!), Purkey and Plague played some mixes of songs they were working on, and were looking to add guitar to for the release. While only several songs eventually made the cut, a whole batch of new material was created between the 3, culminating in The Alchemist Faction LP. By this time the band had allowed Nick to contribute synth and vocal ideas, as well as guitar to the project. Probably the most corrosive industrial release for that year (or since), the album generated destructive beats and caustic ambience to the listener in no way the genre had seen in years. No “darkwave” trendiness present, the album’s reception and success inspired Nick to hole up and finally do a catatonic_disassembly cd, which shortly followed in late 2002. The 2nd c_d LP, “Feed” would be right around the corner in early 2003.

In late 2003, with catatonic put on hold for physical and financial reasons, Nick was asked to join yet another project, this one started by former G2 members Bryan and Jeff. After practicing for a few months, the power trio had written enough material to invest in the search for a lead vocalist. Nick immediately contacted Purkey (who was busy putting the finishing touches on the 2nd Bhogavati release) and instant chemistry and comraderie was born on that December night. Purkey, utilizing a clean vocal style, tip toed the balance of eloquence and honesty with anger and tragedy, and brought a new dimension to each of the songs. Within weeks, the name Mismo was chosen and the band was officially born.

Gigging immediately began in mid-January, and the band are currently in discussions to release a full length, and other possible releases, in late 2004.

CDs Nic is currently listening to this month:
01. Anathema- Serenades
02. Anathema- A Natural Disaster
03. Coroner- (mix of trax from 1st two records in 87/88)
04. Depeche Mode- Violator
05. Killswitch Engage- s/t
06. My Dying Bride- Songs of Darkness, Words of Light
07. Sonic Youth- Daydream Nation
08. Twenty Ripped Angel- .5 Return
09. Twenty Ripped Angel- Days Full of Night
10. Wumpscut- Bone Peeler