Who: Jeff

What: has bass, will travel (as long as its not by plane)

Born: a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

Educated: P.R.E. (People's Republic of Essex)

Turn ons include: punk rock, dark beer, hockey, samurai movies and that chick from that show...you know the one...yeah...she's hot

Turn offs include: pop punk, egomaniacs, talented musicians who only play covers(you know who you are! write something!) *does not apply to tribute bands

Musical influences: anything from 60's Motown to surf guitar to modern hardcore, bands that use a bass as more than just a glorified metronome, Joe Strummer

The story so far: Jeff picked up a bass for the first time a few years ago to jam on Sundays with lifelong best friend and Mismo drummer Bryan. After a year long hiatus, the jam sessions started up again and evolved into the group G2, where Jeff earned the nickname "Spaz" for his habit of breaking innumerable bass strings. Unfortunately, G2 never progressed beyond the garage and was dissolved in the Spring of 2003. That Fall, Jeff contacted cousin Nic about coming together to jam with Bryan and the three had instant chemistry. Purkey joined in late November and Mismo was born.

Original saying: don't be a lamb, be a lion!

CDs Jeff is currently listening to this month:
1. Dropkick Murphys-singles Collection
2. The Horrorpops-Hell Yeah 3. Mismo-The Dave Nachodsky Session