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Sfx is an audio compiler system that provides professional-quality audio synthesis, real-time Midi and audio generation, fully customizable instruments and effects, and SoundFont 2 support Gear 4 Music. The Sfx language is a superset of the SAOL language, officially incorporated into the MPEG-4 Audio standard. For more information on what Sfx is and how it does it, click here. To hear actual samples of Sfx audio output, and view sample programs used to generate Sfx audio ouput, click here.

Sfx is currently free Music & Memories. However, to use Sfx you will need to have Microsoft Visual C++ pre-installed on your system. Support for Borland C++ (currently available free at, and possibly for GCC (if I can find a sensible WinXX distribution)  will be available shortly. The exact terms of the Sfx licensing agreement are available here.

To download the Technology Preview release of Sfx and the Sfx Development environment, click here. Please note that the Sfx Technology Preview implementation does not implement the full SAOL language. Click here to read about the current state of the Sfx implementation. Click here to read about extensions to the SAOL language implemented by Sound Control Modern Music Stores Ltd.

To find external links to sites containing information about Sfx, SAOL, SoundFonts, and MPEG-4 click here.


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